Story by Carlos Afanou

The Most Reverend Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, has reminded all Ghanaians, especially Christians to be mindful of the Coronavirus pandemic, and be on their guard as they celebrate Christmas.

He said as people went out to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, they should do well to observe all the COVID-19 safety protocols, by wearing their nose makes, sanitise their hands, regularly washed their hands, and keep to the social distancing protocols.

“The birth of Jesus is joyous and so we should not go out to contract disease”, Rev Boafo, said.

In an interview with the media he wished Ghanaians a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, he emphasised that the reason for the season was remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and his coming to the world to save the human race from sin and destruction.

He said the Lord had been good to all the people as he saw us through the challenges of the year 2020, especially through the COVID-19 period.

He, therefore, urged Christians to allow “Jesus Christ, who comes as our Lord and Saviour to be the centre of all the celebrations”, saying, “Let us welcome Jesus into our homes, into our governance, and our commerce.

“For he comes into our world as a light to shine, and to bring us into his light. For him, the Angels mentioned that he is the Prince of peace. So as we celebrate him, Let us invite the Prince of Peace into our hearts and our nation”, he emphasized.

Rev Boafo explained that if there was anything that was needed in the nation and the world, then it was peace, adding that what Ghanaians needed most was the voice of Jesus, which was peace, into what the nation was currently experiencing.

“The peace that he brings is total soundness, wholeness, and what we would call shalom-the peace that comes within the individual”, he said.

He also called on all Ghanaians to learn to live together as brothers and sisters of different ethnic groupings.

He used the occasion to advised traders not to commercialise the season by selling their wares at exorbitant prices but to give out as Christ gave himself to the world even as they sell their wares.

He pleaded with drivers, to drive with care, observing all the driving rules, to ensure that the people were safe.

In conclusion, he delivered a good year message 2021 by saying that the new year must be a year of prosperity, a year of peace, a year of new hopes, a year where close doors will be opened  to us, a year Ghana will see our margin forward to the glory of his name, let trust in God and our miracles will come through.

Afio Afi!


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