Story by Azaglo Michael Fiakofi

School of continuing and Distancing Education launch their 72nd annual new year school and conference today 17th Dec 2020 at (SCIDE) Video conference room,

University of Ghana with the theme,"Building Ghana in the face of global health crisis". 

Since may 1947,The most regular and popular annual educational programms in the country. The school has served as a national forum for dispassionate discussion of issues by the citizenry.

Output from the school has resulted in policies that cut across different sectors of the economy. For instance, the year 1955 was around the time of the transitional era when politicians and the citizenry were positioning themselves to take over the governance of the country from the British.

As a result, the theme for the new year school was "problems of independence"

As a fall out from the school,participants used the opportunity to launch education programs on implications of independence in their communities.

In more recent times,there has been focus in e-governace,e-education,e-health,e-business,e-agriculture in recognition of the key roles of ICT in the Ghanian development agenda.

Most recently, the planting for food and jobs intervention of Government was announced by the minister for agriculture when he gave the keynote speech at 68th annual new year school and conference.

This was followed by a National youth forum on planting for food and Jobs. As an extension of that,the theme of the 69th schooling and conference was "The role of the private sector in job creation for accelerated national Development".

The theme for 70th annual new year school and conference, was "Building strong institutions for Democratic consolidation in Ghana", and the 71st school focused on the theme  "Attaining Ghana beyond aid:challenges and prospects".

With a national collective vision.

Hon.minister of health,Hon.kwaku Agyemang-manu .shared with Ghana News Desk,that ," his desire is to engaged in strong collaborations and partnerships. This is crucial in the building of  resilience against global health crises such as the one we have at hand.

That the collaborations and partnerships have the potential to assist in finding common solutions to our problems and additionally empower our decision and policy makers".

The annual new year school and conference has always identified topical issues of national and international interests and the selection of  the theme "Building Ghana in the face of global health crises" is no exception,the vision of the ministry of health is to have a healthy population for national development with a mission to contribute to the socio-economic growth of the country through the development of the local health industry.

He said, "health is not an expenditure but an investment that yields dividends especially when the population become healthy and productive".

Since the start of COVID- 19 outbreak on March 12,2020,our lives have never been same.His Excellency the president of the republic,Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo became the incident commander and his leadership has been unparalleled.

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