Story by Azaglo Michael

Sensitisation for Ghana bulk tomato traders and transportation association, which was held on the 18th DEC 2020 at Art center conference hall Accra.

The Chairman of National tomato traders and transportation. Mr Eric Osei tufuor shared with Ghana News Desk on the progressive moves in making sure Ghana bulk tomato traders and transportation association have its reliable stabilities.

By using schedule system in collaboration with ministry of trade and agriculture in such a way that anyone who loan money for tomato business can do well in other to pay back.

"We want Government reenforcement because of those traders that use to  credit tomato in Burkina Faso without paying", he said.

"Accident is one of our main challenges" he said,

while because there's no schedule system and each and every traders want to reach their destinations early in the morning in other to sell all their goods.

Traders pressurized the drivers to  speed up beyond control which has cause a lot of accident that has taken many lives.

Now,there's a rules and regulations in place for all bulk tomato traders and transportation association and anyone who goes against this rules will not go  unpunished, simply because, the association is majority and not minority and this will serve as an example to those that doesn't follows the rules and regulations by the association.

The systems of new rules and regulations will take place between this Dec and may 2021 after the meeting with the border post stakeholders.

Mr Ntim Donkor.The Technical Adviser for Domestic trade also established that, ministry isn't into giving price or putting regulations for association control , but rather they stand to support an association to regulates schedule and cheats system so that the flow can be well organized in other to avoid spoilage or lost of capitals.

 Basically, "all we are rendering as a support together with ministry and department or relevant local agencies in other to have people in our market"He said.

There'll be provisions for letters to customs, immigration in our various border's  and any other relevant authorities to ensure their system works, with an outstanding regulations.

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