Story by Carlos Afanou

The Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) says it is “fully” ready to conduct the eighth successive elections in the Fourth Republic.

The elections is barely 24 hours away and meeting journalists at the headquarters of the Commission, Chair Jean Adukei Mensa assured that all is set for the polls.

“As a Commission, you recognize that we are accountable to the citizens of Ghana and I am pleased to inform you that by the grace of God, we are fully ready to conduct successful, credible, fair, orderly, and peaceful elections tomorrow Monday, December 7, 2020,” Mrs Mensa said at the last Let The Citizen Know interaction on Sunday, December 6.

She said for the first time, electoral materials including ballot papers, boxes, indelible ink, thumbprint pads, among others, were sent to all 38,622 polling stations in record two-and-a-half weeks before elections.


“This early planning and distribution of our logistics has helped ease pressure on our officials and has allowed the Commission enough time to strategise well ahead of the elections.

“We believe this will improve the overall quality of the elections.”

She also assured that all those who will face challenges on election day will have the opportunity to call a center to be set up to assist in this regard.

Despite being her first elections, Mrs Mensa said results will be declared within 24 hours, all things being equal, as they will be received from the 16 regional collation centers to be mounted across the regional capitals.

“This may seem ambitious to some and some have also expressed concern about the accuracy of results declared just 24 hours after the elections.

“On behalf of the Commission, I wish to assure you that the declared results will be a true reflection of the will of the people as documented on the pink sheets.”

She said the only portion of the current system that has changed is the “efficiency” built into them.

The former Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) said the Commission is mindful of the scourge of Covid-19, so measures have been put in place to minimise overcrowding.

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