Story by Carlos Afanou

 The Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) has shut down the Advanced Body Sculpt Centre, also known as the Obengfo Hospital located at Weija in Accra for operating without license.

A team, led by the Registrar of HeFRA, Dr Philip Bannor closed the facility Friday morning [January 29, 2021] as part of an enforcement exercise being conducted by the agency.

 The Health Institutions and Facilities Act 2011, Act 829 which established the HeFRA, empowers it to shut down any health facility which does not meet standards established by the law.

Per the law, a person shall not operate a health facility unless it is licensed under the act.

 However the Chief Executive Officer of Obengfo Hospital, Dr Dominic Obeng-Andoh did not produce an operational license to the team when they visited the facility Friday morning, leading to the closure of the facility.

 Dr Obeng-Andoh initially challenged the appropriateness of the exercise and insisted that he had the license to operate.

He described the exercise as "an act of mischief" adding that "you are targeting us and you want to paint us black."

He explained that they have been operating for the past 20 years and there's no way we'll be doing this without a license however, about 30 minutes of haggling, Dr Obeng-Andoh did not produce the license.

   Having the license to practice is different from an operational license. The law require you to procure a license from us and since you have failed to do so, we have no option than to close the facility," Dr Philip Bannor said in response to Dr Obeng-Andoh's claim of having a license to practice.

    He therefore ordered the staff of the hospital to vacate the facility after which the facility was put under lock.

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