HeFRA Bent On Closing Down Health Facilities Without Licence


Story by Carlos Afanou

(Sec 3 of Act 829)is mandated for the provision of public and private health care services under the Ministry of Health and Health Institutions Facilities Act,2011(Act 829)to ensure our health facilities are safe to deliver quality health care to the people of Ghana.

    Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA)in accordance with section 11(2)of Act 829 has decided to achieve the ministry's aim by ensuring facilities comply with the law by obtaining license before rendering service.

     However it's regrettable that some health facilities are adamant to helping the facility achieve it's aim,HeFRA is no longer allowing such facilities continue with their impunity as their actions to close such facilities are supported by Section 21(5) of Act 829 inorder to bring sanity in the way health facilities operate.

       The licensed facility is required under Section 19 of Act 829 to display the LICENCE in a prominent place accessible to patients and clients in the premises of practice therefore the public is advised to look out for HeFRA license in any facility they visit and also report facilities that are suspected to be operating without license.

The Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) has shut down four health institutions in Accra for operating without licence.

The affected institutions are the Advanced Body Sculpt Centre, also known as the Obengfo Hospital at Weija, the Susan Clinic at Latebiokorshie, the China Recovery Clinic, and the Grace Diagnostic Clinic, both located at Achimota.

     Furthermore,all health facilities operating without license are advised to close down their facilities and approach HeFRA through it's offices in all regional capitals and head offices through the licensing process.

    In a press release signed by the registrar of HeFRA ,Dr Philip Bannor he called on stakeholders to join hands in ensuring quality standard and compliance with health regulations.

  And to the media he expressed gratitude for the publicity given HeFRA so far and encouraged them to do more by getting the public informed and report any suspected activities of any health facility is their area.

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