Introduce educational project in other to reduce youth from congesting our prisons - CEO OF BEST NACEM SPEAKS TO MINISTRY OF EDUCATION

The founder of BEST NACEM FOUNDATION, Mr. Stephen Nana Afful has pleaded to Ghana Education Service to introduce an educational project for students mainly the junior and senior high students to decongest Ghana prisons. 

He said this on one of his shows on GTV, MOOMEN TONIGHT.

He said the only way to decongest our prisons in Ghana is by introducing a practical project to  the youth. This practical project should aim at addressing main issues or activities that lead one to prison.

He added that about sixty percent of inmates in prisons were once students and for luck of education they ended up in prison. 

Mr. Afful shared his experience he had with the inmates during one of his visits. He advised that if a project as such is introduced it will help reduce social vices, high unemployment rate,  dependency rate and high prison congestion in Ghana.

He made mention that prisoners spend Gh 1.80p a day and it is very alarming. 

Concluding he said, prison congestion is adding up to Ghana's unstable economy and that prison congestion should considered key.

He applauded the POS Foundation and CRIME CHECK FOUNDATION for their great work in helping to bring innocent ones out of prisons.

Mr. Stephen Nana Afful is known for organising activities or projects like Streetism, Drug Abuse, PRISON LIFE MATTERS and many other Social projects besetting the nation. 

He is currently working on a new project dubbed PRISON LIFE MATTERS. A project that seeks to decongest the prison which will soon be launched. He also seek to use the media to make decongest. 

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