Story by Carlos Afanou

NAE-WE  and his sub-chiefs have showed their displeasure on some accusations leveled to the NAE-WE family by female artist Mzbel to Efia.

    Speaking at a press  conference today they explained that Mzbel has disrespected the entire Ga land including their god's by labelling them to be impotent therefore they would use the customs and traditions to seek justice by summoning her to them.

Also they are disappointed in the management of UTV for not bringing up any apology after the insults arose from their station which happens to be  national. Therefore they have no other option than to refrain people of the Ga land from watching their programs because they didn't respect the customs and traditions of the land.

He also asked all unauthorized persons who speak on behalf of the  family to desist.

He also said NAE-WE  is made of 3 gates and nothing else.

  Also they showed appreciation to those who stood up for the Ga land when the accusations started and would also ensure that the truth comes out without the intervention of anybody in Ga or beyond.

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