Story by Carlos Afanou

A press statement has been drawn to an issue by the Public Relations Unit of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) online media platforms on the 13th day of February,2021 to the effect that the only functional and official code of the authority is"959"making other digital operating platforms illegal.

   Also in print media the said application has been repeated on February 15,2021 with headlines such as DON'T PATRINIZE ILLEGAL DIGITAL SHORT CODE - NLA WARNS PUBLIC AGAINST FRAUD, ETC.

  The management of Alpha Lotto Limited however wishes to inform it's patrons that ALPHA LOTTO LIMITED IS LICENSED BY THE NLA TO OPERATE VAG 5/90 FIXED ODD GAMES AND DOES NOT OPERATE THE SHORT CODE"959" intended for NLA 5/90 games which is under Act 722(2006)

   Alpha Lotto Limited per it's NLA Licence operates it's own games under Act 844(2012) on it's independent platform and marketed through short code *896# making their operation fully compliant with NLA's registration and licensing conditions under NLA Licence certificate QR CODE - NLA ALL _1_20 which was signed by Dir, General NLA dated July 1,2020 under VAG ACT 844(2012)

   Management further stated that, NLA has banned physical writting of lottery from booklets or paper in order for NLA to electronically monitor VAG lottery operations of private sectors.

   As part of the five legally registered private lotto operators receiving license following a two month board negotiations at Alisha hotel between October and December,2019 where they were adjudged to have met the criteria set by the NLA.

    An official Public announcement and ceremony was held under the auspices of the board of directors and Director - General of NLA.

   Therefore proving a point that "ALPHA LOTTO LIMITED IS NOT FRAUDULENT OR ILLEGAL" as alleged by the Public Relations Unit.

   They are however committed to private sector participation of lottery in Ghana and is respectfully calling on NLA to hasten the agreed nationwide public sensitisation program before the expiration of the agreed moratorium period in order to restore public confidence.

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