Economy of almost all countries have been affected due to the Covid 19 pandemic which has and is still claiming lots of lives.

Here in Ghana cost of living has shoot up with lots of people complaining about the high rise of materials making poverty be on the rise in the nation.

As part of President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffu Addo's  state of the nation address on Covid 19 pandemic he together with the entire government decided to ease the high cost of living by providing some freebies to it's citizens.

Payment of light bills were made free for a period of three months to Ghanaians who consume a standard amount of kilowatts whereas water bills were also made free, frontline workers were also given some incentives like not paying when they board government buses such as Aayalolo,etc. The three months free bill payment services was however increased to about six more months.

Proprietor of King of Kings International School,Mr. Moses Kwaku Amoah in an exclusive interview with has given out his displeasure on how his school still received water bills when the president made it known to the public is going out for free.

He explained that upon visiting the Ghana Water Company branch office at SCC, personnel's present told him he's a commercial worker therefore he doesn't have right to enjoy the freebies from government.

He however took the matter on and lodge a complaint at Oman FM because the personnel's at the office told him to make part payment of the bill since he uses the water for commercial purposes which he refused to adhere to.

He was later informed his line has been cut off because he's owing, therefore he's appealing to the government especially president Nana Addo to come out and explain further on the freebies he spoke about in his address as some people are been cheated upon because they use water for commercial purposes.

Story by: Carlos Afanou

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