"We have never been the cheapest in the market and it's not in their goal to become one of the cheapest in the market because we believe if you do the right thing and you put the right things into consideration that is where you try to fight your competitors",Mr. Hugo Vissher the managing director for KOUDIJS COMPLETE LAYER FEED said this in an exclusive interview with Ghananewsdesk.com reporter during the companies layer feed launch.

He further explained that the market in Ghana is big enough for many players so development of different initiatives should be put in consideration.

Also it's not their goal to make Ghana the gate to other subregions in ECOWAS,as they want to maintain Ghana as their main supply market for their poultry feeds and in the coming years produce foods in its full capacity.

However they wish to spread their wings to other ECOWAS African countries.

He therefore, appealed to poultry farmers to use and buy their feeds try what's on the general market and see the difference it's going to have on their farm.

Lastly he advised poultry farmers not to give up and keep doing the good works on the farm with unity to make a very strong poultry supply chain in Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole.

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