National malaria control programme,speak up Africa and African media and malaria research network launch a new media coalition campaign in Ghana as part of the pan-african *zero malaria starts with me* movement to eliminate malaria by 2030, To empower Journalists to produce accurate and high-quality Media output on a regular basis, and to maximize the role of the media in malaria advocacy in communication initiatives, and also and also to provide a sustainable platform for coordination and collaboration at a national and sub-national level.

This campaign originally launched in Senegal in 2014 by the national malaria control programme, supported by PATH and speak up Africa,the zero malaria  starts with me campaign set out to ignite a society-wide movement towards malaria elimination. It promotes the idea that if each of us, whoever we are and whatever we do, assumes responsibility and steps up to take action then this aspiration vision will become a reality.As such,  all sectors of society, from national and local government to the private sector, civil society and to communities are being called upon to join the movement and declare *Zero Maria start with me* .

Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite. The parasite is spread to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes. People who have malaria usually feel very sick with a high fever and shaking chills.

While the disease is uncommon in temperate climates, malaria is still common in tropical and subtropical countries. Each year nearly 290 million people are infected with malaria, and more than 400,000 people die of the disease.

To reduce malaria infections, world health programs distribute preventive drugs and insecticide-treated bed nets to protect people from mosquito bites. A partially effective vaccine is being piloted in a few African countries, but there is no vaccine for travelers. 

Protective clothing, bed nets and insecticides can protect you while traveling. You also can take preventive medicine before, during and after a trip to a high-risk area. Many malaria parasites have developed resistance to common drugs used to treat the disease.

The campaign is currently being rolled out across Africa, co-lead by the African Union commission and the RBM partnership to end countries have launched a national campaign from all acrosscountries have launched a national campaign from all across Africa.

According to the world malaria report 2019, there were an estimated 228 million cases and 405,000 deaths in 2018, and of these, Ghana account for an estimated 6.5 million cases and 11 thousand deaths. Malaria continues to cause suffering, dismantle families, and reduces productivity. It's has an immense economic toll and is a major block to all forms of development.



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