Story by Azaglo  Fiakofi  Michael 

"Mismanagement Of GCB Bank Ghana Limited By Board Of  Directors  Charged By Mr. Jude Arthur need to be investigated".

Said by Good Governance Advocacy Group  Ghana (GGAGG) Today ,Tuesday, 9th March at the Freedom Center kokomlemle Accra Ghana. 

According to Executive Director Of Good Governance Advocacy Group Ghana,Mr.Listowal Nana poku kisi  during the press conference with Ghana News Desk,he reminded the people of Ghana to aware that we have at least 73.14% shares in GCB Bank Ghana Limited.and this makes people of Ghana majority  shareholders. Hence, our apprehension about dangerous happenings which have dire consequences of collapsing the Banks thereby making the people the people of Ghana lose our shares which is financial Asset that constitutes a public property. 

He make his objectives Clare to Ghanaian during  press conference,which simply to inform the general public on the findings  of GGAGG's investigations done into the unprofessional conduct of the board of directors of GCB bank, share vital documents of our search with the media,and the general public, to inform the public on how citizen observation /monitoring could help on mitigation mismanagement of public funds by public officials, and to remind all stakeholders to play by the rules at this critical stage of the life of GCB Bank  before its eventually collapse. 

"Before this conference meeting GGAGG has been working really hard by making sure that the petitions were all submitted through the various state institutions" he said, which are parliament of Ghana, through office  of the Rt. Hon.Alban Susana kingsford Bagbin, speakers  of parliament, respectfully seeking parliament of Ghana to carry out finacial  oversight responsibilities on GCB Bank Limited before corrupt conducts of the Banks  Board of Directors,chaired by Mr. Jude Arthur collapse it. 

One of the customer by name Yaw Addo was given a loan of over two hundred  and ninety million Ghana cedis (290,000,000,00) an amount which was about 53% of the Bank's  stated capital putting the Bank at a great risk in the in event that customer  defaulted in payment.


"What is so alarming  and shocking  is that despite the failures and default  by the customer, Yaw Addo, the bank has not activated  the process  to take the security  attached  to this loan. This is because the board chaired by name Jude Arthur  is shielding  Yaw Addo, from all the banks dept recovery processes"he said. 

As a good citizen of this beloved Nation Ghana, we believe it's important  to demand  that investigations are conducted  on KPMG about their activities  in GCB following the assumption  of this board chairman, Mr  Jude Arthur. 

We believe  investigation will unravel many things  including financial benefits.

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