Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

Cfao Equipment Ghana ,Launched Their Brand New Veep today 18th March 2021.At Labadi Beach Hotel ,Accra.

"CFAO can't exist without the customer".said by the managing director of Cfao Equipment Ghana, Mr.Paulo Fernandes.

Since the year 1909 that the company has been in existence till date, the company has been persistently committed to their good services and their renowned brand.

In his interview with Ghana News Desk,he said that it's been 24 years working with Cfao company and the purpose and objectives in Ghana and beyond is to give a mobility to customers when it has to do with their cars,trucks,machines.

"I'm using this moment to announce that Cfao has brought solution to the Nation of Ghana,"he said. 

That the focus as a company is to give good customer satisfaction and to be sure of customers loyalty with our selfless services.

The main agenda isn't about making of sales or profit when customers really need more than that. 

Cfao has come out with new services and new cars policy in building the customers confidence,by providing a long span car life including trucks and also to give a good services. 

We currently have five commitment, which are very strong,(1)100% Availability of selected spare parts (2)proximity to customers (3)Respect of timelines (4)Same day repair (5)Rechable anytime.

Cfao have provided many company reachable for everyone across all the region in Ghana for new spare part, new training services  on any brand of cars and trucks.

"The main reason why Cfao is offering this services isn't to be first automobile  in the market but rather to be leader in heart of our customers,"he said. 

There's an offer in the pipeline for all drivers from various  companies who desire an improvement  in their driving and also mechanics that want to enhance their skills. Cfao is giving out this offer for free as part of the packages which is yet to be implemented.

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