Annually the Passover feast is celebrated in grand style but things have turned out differently this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic resulting to a postponement of the feast.

    Members of the Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy are known to be one of the numerous churches that celebrate the Passover feast. reporter speaking to the founder and leader of the Church of Theocracy, Apostle Dr. Kadmiel E. H Agbalenyoh in an exclusive interview he explained that the Passover feast or celebrations are one of the important feasts or celebrations on the church calendar, as it helps bring unity amongst it's members also it establishes peace,love, harmony and oneness resulting to a lovely year filled with blessings.

     However celebrations for this year has been postponed from Abib 6018 to Zif 6018 due to the Covid 19 pandemic and also as a result of inadequate preparations between pastors and members.

    Apostle Dr. Kadmiel E. H Agbalenyoh further advised pastors and church leaders who do not observe the Passover feast to start involving themselves in the celebrations as the Bible approves of it.

   Also he added that pastors and leaders who speak against the Covid 19 vaccine should desist from the act.

   With the explanation that the president together with his officials think about the well being of we citizens so there should be no fear or panic when it comes to been vaccinated and also we shouldn't pay heed to rumours of it been a mark of 666 as they are all false rumours of destruction.

Story:Yankson Jnr

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