Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

"Disability is not inabilities in pursuing  dreams" .Said by Abdul Muhsin Alhamad ,A 33yr old disabled man who lives at Nungua  Zongo community, regardless of his present state, he's determined to go back to school and become a medical doctor.

Speaking to Ghana News Desk Today,25th March 2021.At Estate Junction,Sprintex Road.Accra Ghana.

"begging for arms is not my dream as a young man growing up, I may start as a begger but I will be a great failure and a disappointment to my generations if I end as a begger."He said. 

"I will like to use this platform to advise my fellow disables,that for the fact that you're disable, should not be an excuse for becoming what you want to be,once you have life anything is achievable".

The cause of my disability is as a result of accident when I was at the age of five, said by my mum. 

I've been taken to so many places by my parents in seeking solutions to my illness but the situation still the same after spending all they have which later end them up at a point zero. 

"My parents died as a result of unbearable pain and suffering they were going through because of me.i would have died too,but I know, I'm alive because God is having a great plans for me".He said. 

I decided to beg for arms in other to take care of my siblings and also to send myself to school because of my aspirations of becoming a medical doctor some day, as a means of contributing to the society in rendering help to fellow disables like me.

He said. "sometimes people don't regards him as human being because of his inability to walk or move his hands.

Abdul Muhsin Alhamad,Appealed to the government by render Help in anyway they can,that since when he has registerd with disabled Organization for some years now he hasn't heard from them.

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