Ghana Poultry Network in partnership with some (NGOs) Veterinarians without Borders and the Global Affairs Canada organized a workshop on Covid - 19 effects on the Agricultural sector and the way forward for farmers at the kasoa Municipal Assembly.

      Ghana Poultry Network (GAPNET) a community based, non-profit and non- governmental organizations recognized by the Department of social welfare in 2003 and registered with the Registrar Generals Department of Ghana since 2002.

With a vision of ensuring that every Ghanian household has increased incomes, adequate access to food, security and health care services.

Their mission is to promote sustainable development for human, environment and animal health. 

   Speaking at the event, Financial Director for Ghana Poultry Network, Mr. Patrick Coffie explained that they are embarking on a community health animal workers workshop for poultry farmers. It was scheduled for 2020 last year however it was postponed to this year 2021 due to the higher rise in COVID-19 pandemic last year. The pandemic had an effect on all sectors including the agricultural sector which includes poultry farming business therefore they are going to use the workshop to create awareness that COVID-19 is real and also protect and educate poultry farmers on how to handle their birds in order for them not to run their business at huge losses.

The workshop is not based on COVID-19 only but also teaches participants how to go ahead and market their products using modern ways and also provide an alternative for poultry farmers in the absence of extension officers.

    Also the agric ministry has been engaging in stakeholders meetings but hasn't gotten down to talking about the real effects of COVID-19,some poultry farmers ended up loosing about 15,000 creates of eggs during the lockdown in 2020.

   National Best Farmer 2020, Mr. Solomon Kwadwo Kusi also present at the workshop said, the assembly has to involve themselves in such workshop programs organised as it motivates farmers to do more.

    The media has to be involved as well when it comes to publishing together with NGOs, Assembly,etc for people to know the good works of farmers as most people look down upon farmers making the youth especially loose interest in farming as it is termed as a lazy or poor man's job due to myths surrounding it he advised that we all come together in helping grow the agricultural sector in order for the president to achieve his Ghana beyond aim agenda by improving the agric sector and further applauded all farmers nationwide for their good works.

       Mrs. Gifty Rodor, chairperson of the Greater Accra Association of Poultry Farmers and Women In Poultry Farming who was also present at the workshop added her voice by explaining how interesting the workshop is as it's creating awareness for the poultry farmers with the possibility of a human - animal transmission of the virus which they have to try and avoid thou there's a human - human transmission which is quite easier to infect than that of the animals transmission.

Therefore she appealed to co- poultry farmers, general public to continually adhere to the safety protocols and also shared a good news of no poultry farmer recording or getting infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Story : Yankson Jnr

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