Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

A Pull Out Ceremony Organized By Ghana Police Hospital For Their Out going Polas vice president DCOP Dr. Mrs Marian Tetteh - Korboe On Thursday 11th March, 2021 At the Police Hospital,Accra.

The Polas President Cop Mrs.Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo - Danquah addressed DCOP/Dr/Mrs Marian Tetteh - korboe The out going vice President as an hero who never looked for glory or praise nor self recognition for her selfless hard work towards the humanitarian services during her time in the office as vice president.

A very great personality by all standards,the vice president of  police ladies association and the first female to break the glass ceiling to become the medical Director of the police hospital.

DCOP/Dr. Mrs. Marian Tetteh-korboe has been a very active member of the Police Ladies Association for more than two decades. She is very passionate about the affairs of women and children, including POLAS, such that despite the tight demands on her office, she makes time for the events  and activities  of the association.

She's actively involved in the decision making activities of POLAS. she has used her office to fast track the provision of uninterrupted health care delivery to senior members of the service ,to Policewomen and to personnel  of the Ghana Police service generally.

As a Director - General in charge of the wellfare of personnel of the Ghana Police Service, I can say without  hesitation  that, your term of office as the first female Medical Director in a mainly male dominated  environment like the Police has made a lot of difference.

The POLAS President COP Mrs  Maame  Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah established that "DCOP/Dr/Mrs Marian Tetteh-korboe has left a very great foot prints and POLAS has assured her that they will not let them fade".The resurfacing of the grounds and garages of the Police Hospital,reopening if the Herbal Medicine Unit,refurblishment of the Dialysis Center ,face lifting of the Executive ward are among your achievements.

We know you will be 60years in July, 2021 but you have chosen to hand over and enjoy your leave pending retirement  and therefore, the Police Ladies Association,with the permission of the inspector - General of Police and the Police Administration have also decided to honour you with this send - off,A pull out, which  symbolises your end of service.

Your Police career and journey  may not have been all smooth, but you have made it, you are standing tall.

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