Legalization of Same Sex Marriage is Blasphemous

Apostle Kadmiel E.H Agbalenyoh, Founder and leader of the Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy, speaking in an interview with has advised chiefs, civic entities, Christian council and the general public to continue fighting against the legalization of LGBT+ in Ghana.

He explained accepting gay or lesbian marriage is a blasphemous statement that can cause havoc on a nation, therefore we shouldn't allow our minds to be controlled by the foreigners or succumb to their pressure.

Also our African culture speaks against same sex marriage so if president Nana Addo forgot to address it in the just ended State Of The Nation's Address (SONA),we as Ghanaians can sit up to resist all attempts on its legalization.

The LGBTQ+ community started their procession in the year 2012 after much resistance from a higher number of citizens they faded away and have bounced back strongly this year, all former Presidents in their tenure of office were against its legalization thou they always declare their stands after pressure is mounted on them by citizens,he explained.

President Nana Addo few weeks ago has declared his stand in relation to the legalization of LGBT, however he suggested a bill is passed in parliament for all parliamentarians to declare their various stands and implement laws with rules that would enable offenders to be punished.

In conclusion he further stated that the 1992 Constitution describes Ghana as a Christian Religious nation and our various cultures and beliefs is also against same sex marriage therefore we shouldn't politicize it but come together as one people to fight against the legalization of LGBTQ+ in Ghana and the world at large.

Story by: Yankson Jnr

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