Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

Overcoming Job Challenges in the face Of Covid -19, A maiden  Delegates Congress Organized by the National Service  Personnel  Association Of Greater Accra  Region,(NASPA) .Today 22nd March 2021, At Catholic Institute Of Business And Technology Accra Ghana. 

Chair person's. Anastasia M.A Zanoo (Region Director),in her welcome address,she said that "according to the theme,Overcoming Job Challenges in the face Of Covid19 is to refer to the UN agenda in 2020 which talk about a roll that the youth can play in our development in all level, but 2021,which has brought Covid 19 that also cause the reason for unemployment and Indeed known to be a global challenge.

Looking towards the future,as to what we do during the National Service can easily be turn Into Job creation by identifying problems which can generate more ideas",she said. 

Guest speaker,Gifty Oware Aboagye, Deputy Executive Director. Of (NSS),in her presentation,she said,"that living in the world where finding job become so difficult,that cause most of the companies to fold up.I encourage all graduate to be a job creation despite Covid 19 outbreak by developing their skills in other to gain acceptance anywhere they find themselves  than to sit down complaining. 

We need to do more,by seeking for more knowledge out there in other not to be Funerable when Organization lay us off",she said.  

Create job for yourself with your skills through productions and also try and develope your business ideas,your composor and your presentations.its matters in the current times we're Inn".she said. 

"You have all what it takes at your disposal to do it, to make it,all you have to do is to use what you have,that the Covid 19 we're all afraid of is also opening doors for so many.

All we have to do is to be persistence".she said.

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