Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

Regional Stakeholder Forum On Media and Democratic Governance in West Africa Meeting was held on the 16th March, 2021.At Alisa Hotel. 

"Covid -19 shouldn't be an excuse for expressing the truth in looking for way forward in improving the situation  in west Africa media"said by Omoruyi Austin Aigbe,Center For Democratic Governance (CDG WEST AFRICA).Nigeria. 

"The media supposed to be watch dog",he said, by been able to stand in place of citizens in other to expose the truth by fighting hard for west Africa to gain their place. Despite there's a serious crack  in practicing  Democratic in Nigeria, we should understand the context  and see our way forward as a solution to media and Democratic Governance in West Africa.

"Africa leaders need to be well organised  in other for media  to understand  their intention in putting ECOWAS to do the right thing."We need a strong voice,"  he said.Civil Society and Media  Organization need to voice out to reestablished the truth even for the unborn generations.

"I see ECOWAS  as hopeless Institution"said by  Manasseh Azure Awuni freelance journalist in his statement during the meeting. 

That we need the  help of other country as a way of crossing the border association.

Going forward ,if we can have a mass of Journalist across the West Africa, we can do so much more in fighting the corruption in West Africa. 

We need to monitor  our law on ECOWAS level for Journalist  by supporting them in freedom of expression. 

As a media  we need to have a strong  collaboration through Networking  as a stair  change to be able to take forward  fact checking  agenda. 

"Democracy isn't  possible  without  media".said by

 Ghana Journalists Association  president (GJA) , Mr. Affail Monney.

"Reality has a long way to go"he said. That journalism isn't for timid but to those who are ready to sacrifice for the Nation in fighting  for freedom through  Professionalism by defending  the Democratic right ,amplifying  the voices and call for change" he said.

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