The Beauty And The Beast: 64 years of Ghana's Independence in hopelessness?

The road leading to a beautiful peaceful country hasn't always been easy. There was bloodshed, sacrifices, pain, some laughter never respite and most importantly betrayal. The thread that held us together in our struggle for independence was the vision of a peaceful and just country with equal opportunities for all and the chance to determine our own destiny which was elegantly put by the great Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah that indeed if given the chance, the blackman is capable of managing his own affairs.

The road not yet taken by any country man towards freedom from colonial oppression presented a real problem and a real impasse as to how to proceed. From the Aborigines rights and protection society to the UGCC and finally Nkrumah's CPP which delivered us from the clutches of colonial rule. 

Taking over the struggle from Nii Kwabena Borne who called for the boycott of European goods after receiving an invite from some members of the UGCC to breaking away from the UGCC because of ideological differences on the surface to forming the first ever active political party in colonial Africa in 1949  to declaring positive action in 1951 to test the waters in preparation towards independence. The fight soon became ugly as there were disagreements as to how to achieve this objective of freedom which birthed the CPP that eventually gave us independence. 

Our history records the stalling of Nkrumah's efforts juxtaposed with his commitment to achieve same. Faced with opposition from country men to serving prison sentence, this 6th day of March, 1957 though seemed long was actually in sight. Surviving assassination attempts to embarking on a journey of transformation and reform of this country of ours, the lot of which we still enjoy today, to establishing some 400 factories all producing made in Ghana goods by the time he was ousted from office on the 24th February,1996. A day of great shame and regret that should be set aside as a day of huge reflection and fasting to appease the greatest ancestor Ghana has. How many of these factories remain? How many indigenous industries, factories, banks are owned by Ghanaians today? The economy is largely owned by foreigners and Neo-Colonialism, a system the Osagyefo vehemently detested is rife and well today thanks to the elements of the UGCC.

The real heroes that lost their lives in this struggle for independence, and not spies or hypocrites, and those who also fought hard to return this country from the several military rule to the civilian democracy that we enjoy today are the ones that we celebrate today, the 6th of March, 1957.

The torch of freedom and justice burn bright. But the country has been taken in the opposite direction by decendants of same elements who pretended to have fought for Ghana's independence. History records quite clearly the opposite. Off their treachery and betrayal. The smell of which still lingers on in our governance. What's more treacherous is their attempt to short change our History- to make it glorify traitors who have consistently betrayed the collective fight for the freedom that many a good men have sacrificed their lives for. And most devastating is their attempt to make the real heroes the traitors and the traitors the real heroes. Uh uh...not in this age of technology. Not now not ever.

We still see the traces of the character and conduct of such so called freedom fighters. The selling of the sovereignty of the black star of Africa back to a modern day form of colonialism that's even worse than slavery- Neo-Colonialism by people whose contributions to the struggle for independence and the development of the country is nothing short of a fathers wish to have tea with the queen. Yes its written all over the place. Today, the constitution has been subverted and family and friends arr having a field day. The very freedom that we struggled for has been thrown to the dogs. The point that worries me is not the fact that we are not aware of the happenings in this country. In fact, what worries me is the silence of many a good men and the so called neutrals who hitherto had mouths like jackals and spewed Vernon hotter than lava. What scares me more is the fact that it seems the current opposition is failing to step up to be a check on this ridiculousness allowing the NPP to put into force Nkrumah's mantra of Seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added unto you.

In the end, the beauty resides in the sacrifices that people have made to grant us this freedom and the struggles that we must keep alive to continue to enjoy it. The beast is what we see today in our current political dispension. Need I say more? That all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. What is worse than being treated as a second class citizen in your own country?

Its boldly captured in the annals of our History that despite the stiff opposition by some of our country men in the fight for independence, their contributions to undermine the independence won for us & the intentional act of not only downplaying but trying hard to erode the pivotal fact that the foundations of this great nation could not have been laid without the immortal Osagyefo, the flames lite by Nkrumah can never be quenched. Thus, its safe to say that Nkrumah is Ghana and Ghana is Nkrumah and there's nothing that can change that. Thus the beauty must coexist with the beast if not override it to keep us safe, sane & sound in this country.

For God & Country.

Chief Bukari Kuoru.


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