Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael

 European Union circular economy and local development program in Ghana And Adentan Waste To Wages (Adawawa) Project.Was Launched today.wednesday,24th March 2021.At Victory Presbyterian Church Adenta. 

European Union ambassador. H.E Diana Acconcia.Said,"that,she's really proud of European Union for their great finacial support  towards the humanitarian development program.

"Circular economy is our global development agenda, which have been implemented in other to grow the country economy by the civil society organizations and together with local authorities.

The focus is to create sustainable jobs across all the regions of Ghana,for our young people,even for our disables in other to benefit the society in a larger way."she said. 

That,the circular economy today isn't an option, while because we can't  continue to live in the past and experience an outstanding results for the future, when a producer has design the end of a product life span,we should be able to give it life again in several ways through our creative mind, by reduce, reuse, and recycling again."She said. 

Waste can still generate new value for the economy and that is what circular economy is all about.

European Union aim to transform economy by implementing a change of mind towards our environment by using what we have for our own advantage.

"European Union has taken this mandate upon themselves to promote their  partner countries which Ghana is one of them. 

In Ghana, European Union has donate an amount of 4.4 million Euro to support this program. 

The program will last for 36 - 48 months in creating a lot jobs, expertise and also build a very strong relationship with the local partners, private sectors, schools. 

Our intention is to build this relationship across the world not only in Ghana between now and 2027".

Circular economy will always be the center of this programs in building a better future for Ghana. She extended her gratitude to all fellow partners, ASASE, CLGA, CERAT,ALIANCE TO END PLASTIC WASTE, CROP CENTER.

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