story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

Fire Outbreak Burnt Many Years OF Investment Into Ashes In Just One Night at Teshie Tsuibleoo, Cold Store on April 5th 2021.

One of the eye witness, Sargent Rasheed, a member of Ghana Police service who spoke with Ghana News Desk .

Said, "that, the incident started around 12am on Monday, according to what he heard from one of the headers who lives around, said that, he noticed that there was a sparkling of light in one of the shops but he didn't give it full attention until he realized the smoke coming out through the windows and the roofing of the shop.

He quickly called the attention of the rest of the neighborhood to come to his aid in other to quench the fire but it was beyond their control,"he said. 

They quickly called fire service, but they delayed in coming until arrival of police rapid squad. The situation became worse, beyond control which render everyone helpless and hopeless after calling fire service several times and no sign of their arrival.

Finally, it was so unfortunate that more than five shops has been burnt down without anything left in it before the arrival of fire service.

One of the victims, the shop owner, by the name "Madam Sarah", who owns one of the biggest provision shop amongst those shops that were burnt, confirmed to be hospitalized because of her huge lost.

Sargent Rasheed,"advised Ghanaians and every shop owners out there to make sure that every Electrical Appliances were off before living the house or shop in other to avoid fire outbreaks. He's also using this medium to plead with Ghana Fire Service Authority to be diligently sit up in the area of their quick response to a  situation like this, "he said, that if they had not delayed, the fire wouldn't have destroy as many things,and they should always remember that,its a service to the Nation by saving life and property.

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