By Jerry Akornor 

President of Ghana Association of Medical laboratory Scientists (GAMLS) Dr. Abu Abudu Rahamani has urged lab scientists in Africa to find ways of creating opportunities and capacity building in the battle against fight.

Africa and many nations have been hardly hit by the Covid-19 leading to deaths with devastating impacts on domestic and world economies including UK, USA, China, Russia and France which permanent members of United Nations Security Council. According Dr. Rahamani, although countries have been hardly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, lab scientists should not lose sight of the urgent need to devise means for opportunities.

Speaking at the 7th CelebrateLab West Africa Conference in Accra Wednesday 21 April, 2021, Dr. Abu Rahamani said "Let's look for ways to create opportunities and capacity building in handling infectious disease including Covid-19". 

Meanwhile, Director General of Ghana Health Service Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye has revealed that government  is exploring many avenues to acquire adequate covid-19 vaccines for Ghana in containing, combating and preventing the spread of infectious pandemic. 

He told the Media that "Many vaccines have been registered at WHO and AU levels which binds all of us, so we're looking at  Johnson &  Johnson, we've a myriad of vaccines to choose from and we are also looking at the private sector, government-to-government approaches including individuals". 

Meanwhile, World Health Organisation Country Director Dr. Francis Chisaka Kasolo says effective laboratory systems  coupled with the role of private sector in complimenting government's effort in infectious disease fight is crucial. 

Dr. Kasolo told the media  "Standards are very crucial in lab practice, standard will keep us running in term of the results that we get, are the results of the quality that we need?  are the results reproducible? ...and I think the theme for this conference is most appropriate".

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