Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

Ministry Of Health  Assuring Ghanaians To Secure Vaccines At All Costs At the Launch Of African Vaccination Week, Mon 26th April Alisa Hotel. Accra Ghana.

well being of our children is the litmus test for the health and future well being of our society and our planet Minister of Health Hon. Kwaku Agyemang Manu said,"ensuring the availability of vaccines is critical in assuring the well being of our children.This is why we consider the theme for this year, "vaccines bring us together".

The Africa region has made substantial progress towards childhood morbidity

and mortality reduction.When it's come to improvement in children, Africa, and Ghana, in particular, immunization,worldwide birthing is bent over 3 million children from this is Against this background.

That's the African business, which was initiated in the year 2010. To provide an opportunity for countries in Africa to strengthen the immunization services and systems through advocacy, education and outreach activities in increasing community awareness about immunization and striking linkages between expanded program immunization and other child's survival interventions.

"We're gonna commemorate the African nation with alongside the No Child Health Promotion, which was executed in 2007 by the Ministry of Health, to raise awareness and change childhood services, and focus on public Coalition's topical issues that affects the health of children, children under first

Buffy is bringing us together is a reflection of the need for everyone to support the preservation process in order to reduce perceived preventable diseases to its barest minimum",Minister  said.

the emergence of the continued set of complaints in cases in ways and the discovery of blessings, a new dimension in pursuing preventable diseases, while buttresses the fact that Africa and the global community can only win the fight against diseases through a collaborative effort.

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