In recent times the National Communications Authority have been jabbed by the general public in relation to media platforms who promote fake pastors, ritualists and lotto operators,money doublers etc,on their radio and TV stations.

      The recent jab is as a result of a 10 year old boy loosing his life in a ritual murder allegedly to be triggered by a ritualist who appeared on a live TV program.

      Speaking to the founder and leader of the Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy Apostle Dr. Kadmiel E.H Agbalenyoh on the recent killings and the public displeasure with the National Communications Authority he explained that the public has every right to be angry as these money doublers, fraudsters, Lotto operators,fake pastors,etc have taken over most TV and radio stations using those platforms to dupe people and claiming huge sums of money.

       He added that the world today everyone has a high exposure to social media especially the youths and growing kids so parents should do well to ensure good parental care and control over their kids as they tend to know more about the outside world than the parents know themselves.

      Also the unlawful sale of items such as pomade,salt, handkerchief,oil,holy water,etc at some churches turning God's ministry into a market or trading center should be looked upon by the government and it's appropriate agencies.

      He indicated that some laws should be levelled down inorder to restrain all these profit making churches to regulate because they are not only causing harm to people but also calling upon the wrath of God to the nation.

Story by: Yankson Jnr

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