Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

"Patronising  Ghana Made Products  Is The Gate Way To Our Sustainable Economic Development ",said by Mrs. Florence Blankson .Vice President of Fair Trade Ghana Network (FTGN).at a press briefing held on Thursday, 8th April. 2021 at bethel heights hotel, madina. 

"Fade trade Ghana network has been in existence for close to eight years but many haven't  heard  much about FTGN",she said, that the purpose is to draw the attention of the public the significant contributions that fair trade Ghana network has been making over the years towards the well being and the producers in the agriculture and allied sectors by mitigating climate change, protecting  the environment, production of high value produce for sustainable income and more.

Fair Trade is a global movement  which  addresses the injustice of conventional trade by supporting smallholder farmers and workers,to ensure  better terms of trade. 

Ghana has only 3 labels of trade, Fair trade,World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and Fair for Life. 

Fairtrade  Africa is known as a member of fairtrade international, represents  certified  Producer  in Africa and the Middle East which is guided by the standards. which was established in1989 and currently has a membership strength over 400 enterprises and other organizations  and networks in 70 countries including Ghana.

WFTO provides the platform  For producers,exporters,importers,retailers,and consumers to connect  and work together, share ideas and best practices with the mission to promote opportunities to support the growth of products Networks and the vision is to create a platform that'll bring all fair trade together with a value of integrity,fairness,non discrimination,mutual respect and accountability.

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