By Jerry Akornor 

Country Director of World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr. Francis Chisaka Kasolo has called on laboratory scientists within the West African sub region to operate strictly in consonance with professional and WHO benchmark in the discharge of their obligations. 

With West African sub region hardly hit by infectious Covid-19, recording deaths, the work of lab scientists is inevitable in the national efforts to contain, combat and prevent spread of the pandemic. According to Dr. Francis Chisaka Kasolo,  top-notch, proven laboratory systems plus outstanding role of private sector in support of national action by presidents in respective African countries to battle head-on the infectious disease paramount in crucial times. 

Speaking at CelebrateLAB West Africa Conference 2021  in Accra, Dr. Kasolo insists "Standards are very crucial in the work at the lab because for us, standard will keep the ball in motion in terms of the results that we get, ensuring that the results are of the quality that we need, and that the results are reproducible and this is in accordance with the theme for this conference "

Dr. Kasolo also wants African leaders to appreciate the urgency of times in their efforts to wage the war against pandemic.

With the theme for 7th CelebrateLAB West Africa Conference christened: "Combating emerging and re-emerging infections through standisation and Laboratory practices in West Africa", participants  were taken through the following topics: 

1) "Balancing Covid-19 Pandemic Response While Protecting Public Health Gains in Laboratory Diagnosis of HIV, TB and Malaria". 

2) Accreditation for Public Laboratories - Meeting International Standards.

3) Testing Times - Biomedical Laboratory Scientists Roles in the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

4) Quality Health Service-  Quality Management and Quality Assurance.

5) Exploring collaborative Opportunities for Biotech Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurships and Manufacturing in West Africa. 

6) "From Donor Dependency to African Self-sufficiency in Laboratory Medicine". 

7) Epi-S urveillance, Outbreak Prevention and Laboratory Challenges in Covid-19 Era in West Africa.

8) Achieving International Standards in the Management of Laboratory in West Africa. 

9) Clinicians Perspective on Challenges in Covid-19 Diagnostics.

10) Biological and Hazardous Waste Management in the Era of Covid-19. 

11) Implementation of Standards for Medical laboratories in West Africa- Requirement for Quality and Competence. 

12) "From Research and Development to Commercialisation of Emerging Technologies". 

13) "Global Health Security and Clinical Best Practices in West Africa".

14) Creating and sustaining the value Chain in the Healthcare Industry".

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