Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

We Need Covid-19 Assessment Reports Of 2.5B Dollars From The Government by the civil society organizations of Ghana on the 15th April ,2021.At Nurse And Midwife Conference Hall, East Legon .Accra Ghana. 

"Generally and intentionally  the government interventions is to protect  the public,which lead to the raising of a very huge amount of public resources worth over 2.5 Billion Dollars during the fight against Covid -19 which makes some people overnight millionaire."said,Mr.Salisu Isifu Kanton, Executive Director For Community Development Alliance. 

"From the civil society point of views ,With the utilization of this resources not everything go well. The intends was good but the procurement was very questionable  and risky,and I see this as a lesson we can also learn in Moving forward as a country. 

We need to crosscheck who did well and who didn't as a reflection process against corruption in oder not to put private interest at the expense of public resources. 

We must not allow any urgent situation to suppressed our rules and regulations as a nation and this matters must be investigated".

Mr. Salisu confirmed that the assessment was carried out in March - April 2021,based on a review of background documentation, including the national legal regulatory, including the national  legal regulatory framework  for the public  procurement with the focus on Integrity related issues, official record both Electronic and hard copy formats,checks with state agencies, and interview Governance And Anti Corruption Experts.

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