Concerned citizens of Anloland protest over corruption at Keta Municipal Assembly: Full text of Petition

By Jerry Akornor  



Ladies and gentlemen, we the Concerned Citizens of Anlo land with a heavy heart gather here to pour out our dissatisfaction about the happenings in the Keta municipal assembly. 

Keta municipal is one of the oldest Assemblies in Volta Region, established in 1988 out of which Ketu South, Ketu North and Anloga districts were carved out of.  The thirty three (33) years journey of this Assembly should have resulted in monumental development across the entire municipality. But this is not the case. 

A lot of rot, looting, stealing, white color robbery, etc. have happened at the Assembly. We the Concerned Citizens write to officially bring to your attention the need for an urgent investigation into the following alleged malfeasance, indiscriminate sharing of the reclaimed land, misappropriation of funds, misapplying of funds and Day-light robbery of the poor citizens of the Anlo land. We have heard allegations and counter allegations as to the exact people involved in this criminality. We the Concerned Citizens demand a full scale investigation in to the following and when found culpable, face the full rigours of the law.


In the mid 2000s, the government of the day through numerous investments reclaimed a sizeable portion of land at the eastern part of keta. The purpose of this reclaimed land is to:

Be allocated to people displaced by the sea tidal waves

Be given to investors who are well resourced to establish  businesses that would have local content for the Anlo people

Be used for educational infrastructure. The reason is to afford the children of the indigenes to have formal education. 

Be used for governmental projects

These are the criteria/reasons for the allocation of any parcel of land to any individual upon request. But this has not been the case.

The Development Sub Committee Chairman, Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya, who also doubles as the Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) connived with some selected Assembly members arrogated super powers to themselves to share the land like a wedding gift. 

It has been alleged by the Municipal Planning Officer on Jubilee radio that Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya single handedly allocated so many acres of land to himself to establish a radio station (SandCity radio) and subsequently distributed same to his assigns without due process and documentation.  

In the time that land could not be found for the construction of an Astro Turf football park for the municipal, Hon. Makafui Woanya willfully dashed out parcels of land to his aligns and cronies without recourse to the law. He gave land to his step mother, his manager, his two brothers, Ivan Quashigah, Makumator, Kojo 

Baba, and many more. This can only be described as an act of wickedness, callousness and cruelty.

In furtherance to this, some of the Government Appointees and elected Assembly members were compromised and also have shares in this looting. 

Other Beneficiaries of The Land Booty include; 

Mr. Degolo ₵ 30, 000.00

Scoop ₵ 10, 000.00

Hon. Gakpey  Dzudzorli ₵ 10, 000.00

Sadaco ₵ 10, 000.00

Global evangelical church ₵ 10. 000.00

Honesty stores ₵ 10, 000.00

Kekeli Consult (CEO- Hon. Keklie Gilbert)- undisclosed (SAY IT IN EWE)

Primier Computers ( CEO- Hon. Papa Gobah) undisclosed

All the above beneficiaries must also be investigated to determine the veracity or otherwise of their claims.


Every MMDA is the representative of the central government as a way of decentralizing developments at the local level. Due to this, funds are allotted to every Assembly through the District Assembly Common Fund, Disability Fund, District Development Fund, FOAT Assessment, etc. to aid in their pursuit of local development in order to alleviate the plight of the ordinary and the downtrodden in the society. 

The keMA has awarded numerous projects and contracts to some selected few who are in positions of influence and conflict of interest. One of such is the current Chairman of the Development Sub Committee of the Assembly, Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya, who used his position as the regional chairman of the ruling NPP through democratic tyranny to amass these contracts to himself and his assigns and stooges.

Few of these projects include;

Covid 19 Investment  Infrastructure awarded to Ahamu Const. Ltd. owned by Hon. Papa Gobah ( Government Appointee)

Construction of one (1) market shade at Keta market at a cost of ₵ 61281.38

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am talking about one, single one market shade at that price. This contract was awarded to Elikem Ventures owned by one Elikem Sewordor ( Government Appointee) and a special aid to Hon. Makafui Kofi  Woanya 

Construction of 8-seater WC toilet facility at Tsiame at a cost of  ₵74,252.93. This gargantuan chop chop contract was also awarded to Ahamu Const. Ltd. (Hon. Papa Gobah)

Supply of 500 dual desks for schools across the municipality. The master himself, Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya took hold of this contract. The contract sum is  ₵ 197,505.00.  This means the cost of one (1) desk is a whopping  ₵ 395.01. This can best be described as Create, Loot and Share.

We the citizens of the Anlo land are confident that all these dubious contracts did not undergo any competitive tendering. Even if these contracts underwent competitive tendering , he might have used his super powers and influence to obtain them since he is privy to any contract that comes to the Assembly. 

The question is; are these three individuals the only qualified contractors in keta Municipal? 

We are calling on the people of Anlo land, far and near to rise up and defend what rightfully belong to them.

There are thousand questions begging for answers and we demand nothing but the truth. 


Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, when we were hit by the havoc-wrecking Covid 19 pandemic, the government through its finance ministry released an amount  of ₵ 166,280.62 to the Assembly. This said amount was supposed to help fight  the virus, save the local businesses and to ease the pressure on the ordinary Anlo sons and daughters. But because of self-seeking and parochial interest of faceless individuals, this money cannot be accounted for. Our investigation

 revealed that, Ahamu Const. Ltd. and Elikem  Ventures were beneficiaries of this day-light and naked robbery by the Assembly. The two companies were awarded contracts to supply installation of ten (10) 300 litre poly tanks and drilling and mechanization of two (2) bore holes totaling  ₵ 96,000.00. These monies were paid for no work done under the watchdog of the MCE (Hon. Effah Godwin), the MCD (Mr. Dekpor), and Development Sub Com. Chairman ( Hon. Makafui Kofi  Woanya). They could not incompetently detect this looting especially Hon. Makafui Kofi  Woanya who brags about his 19years longevity in the Assembly. 

Our further checks indicate that an amount of  ₵ 111,000 was also missing from the Covid 19 relief fund. Quest. Where is the money? This billion question can only be answered by those self-aggrandizing, and cruel individuals parading themselves as the wisest people in Keta.  But my fellow Anlo people, we are sounding a word of caution, they shall vomit all these stolen monies in due time. 


My dear brothers and sisters, is it not so sad and pathetic that even the money released for People With Disabilities was also shared and chopped?.  (EWE RENDITION)

Our relentless efforts in revealing the truth showed that about  ₵ 300,000.00 budgeted for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in 2020 which the Administrator of the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) transferred an amount of  ₵ 221,869.44 to the account. The sad story is that, only  ₵ 70,000 out of the said amount was given to them whilst the Hon. MCE, the Development Sub Com. Chairman (RC NPP) Shared the rest booty amongst themselves.


 Ladies and Gentlemen of the press the civil service act 1993 PNDCL 327 established the Civil Service to assist government in the formulation and implementation of government policies for the development of the country which Keta is part of. It is because of this that technocrats are assigned every district. The technocrats in Keta have become toothless, hysterical, timid, harassed and threatened in discharging their duties. The technocrats through coercion and intimidation were involved in dubious activities. They signed contracts they shouldn’t be signing. Monies were diverted, misapplied and misappropriated. Just to mention a few;

The Budget Officer has made himself the Chief contractor of the Assembly. He awarded Gravelling of the Ghanakpedzi road to himself

He withdrew the Covid 19 infrastructure money with fake contract documents.

The MCD (Mr. Dekpor) with the help  of the MFO always connived with  the MCE, Hon. Godwin Effah to borrow money from people’s personal account and later use the common fund releases to pay any recourse to the GIFMIS

The account section of the Assembly were demanding 30% of any fake receipt signed in regards to the sales of the reclaimed lands.

The entire Assembly structure is in total darkness for non-payment of electricity bills, but they, (MCD, Budget, MFO) withdrew every “cobo” from all Assembly accounts. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, why do we elect people to represent us at the Assembly?

Is it not to serve our interest?

Is it not to bring development to our vilages and towns?

Is it not to ensure that things are done properly?

We the Concerned Citizens of Keta are sad to report that all the Assembly members and the various sub committees failed in their supervisory roles in having oversight on the activities of the Assembly.

But it is not surprising, some of the Assembly members ( both Elected and Appointed) were also deep-necked in this criminal and barbaric activities. 


Outboard motor saga

Abor Magistrate Court saga

Our checks revealed that an amount of ₵ 150,000.00  was withdrawn from the common fund for this project, which in the first place should not have happened. This said money was also shared among Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya and his cronies.  

Cost of rehabilitation of MCEs residence

It is on record and documented that an amount of ₵50,000.00 cash was given to the MCE’s driver to be delivered to the Municipal Chief Executive (Hon. Godwin Effah) for the renovation of the residency but our checks again revealed that same contract was awarded to the tune of ₵ 354,000.00. Same contract awarded twice. This is UNBEALIVABLE. 

Cost of rehabilitation of keta Market

Cost of rehabilitation of Abor Market

Cost of rehabilitation of Atiavi Market

Cost of rehabilitation of Keta Market pavement

Cost of rehabilitation of Keta Market gutter

Extension of water to Anyako


Ladies and Gentlemen of the media fraternity, my lovely Anlo sons and daughters, one thing we have realized throughout our painstaking investigation is that, Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya, the current Volta Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is the brain and the master-minder of the fall of our dear Keta Municipality.  

It is interesting to know that he served four (4) separate terms as an Assembly member elected for Anloga Lashibi where he was the Development Sub Committee Chairman before the separation of keta and Anloga respectively in 2019. He then went back to his mother constituency (Anlo) because that is where his polling station is located.

 The funny aspect of this whole saga is, he chose to come back to Keta Assembly as 

Government Appointee instead of staying at Anloga, his mother constituency.

The question is, what is the motivation for him coming back as a Government Appointee and to be selected as the chairman of the Development Sub Committee in the Keta Municipal Assembly? It can only be for crooked and dubious reasons as its being manifested. 

We want to boldly state that until Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya and his cronies and assigns are booted out of Keta, this municipal would sink and sink forever.

We want to assure the people of Keta that we will go every length to bring finality to this issue. He has declared that he, Hon. Makafui Kofi Woanya will never leave the Keta Municipal Assembly and that it will be over his dead body. We want to assure him that he will leave and leave for good.



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