Dr. Shiraz Issahaku is the new Chair of GFAHP

By Jerry Akornor 

New executives have been elected by the Council of Presidents to steer the affairs of the Ghana Federation of Allied Health professions (GFAHP) with Dr. Shiraz Issahaku the new Chair. 



Ghana Federation of Allied Health Professionals (GFAHP) is the mother body and the mouth piece of all the 18 Allied Health Professionals in the country. Our mission is to contribute to the development of the healthcare of the people by promoting the activities of all Allied Health Professional bodies in Ghana using multidisciplinary and motivated health professionals and assisting in the development of professional relationships among various professions under ACT 857 regulated by the AHPC. 

Our vision is to have a healthy population for national development through the activities of all Allied Health Professionals under ACT 857 regulated by the AHPC. The GFAHP composed of the Council of Presidents and the General Assembly. This Council of Presidents is the highest decision-making body of the federation.

The Council of Presidents had its annual congress over the weekend at KBTH with the theme: “maximizing health together for humanity”. 

The Council of Presidents Elected New Leadership to stir the affairs of Ghana Federation of Allied 

Health Professions (GFAHP). 

The elected new executives were:

Dr. Shiraz Issahaku as the Chairperson for GFAHP

Dr. Paul Amankonah as the Vice Chairperson for GFAHP

Mr. David Naboare as the General Secretary for GFAHP.

At the end of the congress a resolution was passed on the following 8 key points: 

1. GFAHP totally Support GAMLS.

2. Recognition of the 6-year training programs by MoH.

3. The urgent need to establish College of Allied Health Professionals.

4. Facilitate and fast track the employment of allied health professionals.

5. Demand roadmap for Professional development programs by AHPC and MOH.


6. Provide autonomy for all allied health professions in our various hospital.

7. The need to Urgently pass the LI for Act 857, which started over 5 years ago.

8. The contribution of Allied Health Professionals in the covid-19 fight.

1. On the support for GAMLS; GFAHP direct all members of allied health professional bodies 

to hold themselves in readiness for the next line of action regarding the impasse between KATH management and GAMLS. All members are to participate fully in all decisions that will soon be communicated by Leadership of the Federation to members on the way forward.

2. On the recognition of the 6 years training programs of allied health professionals and other 

health professionals. GFAHP demand that, stakeholder consultative meeting be organized 

immediately to discuss and implement the recognition of various health professionals whose training expand beyond the 4 years and who are currently not recognised by the ministry of health. 

3. On the urgent need for the establishment of the College of Allied Health Professionals; GFAHP is to engage the Allied Health Professions Council and the ministry of health to as a matter 

of urgency provide the road map to establish the college of Allied Health professionals to train Allied Health professionals in various specialities.


4. On employment of allied health professionals; GFAHP will like to take this opportunity to 

thank ministry of health for the financial clearance the MoF gave last year for the employment of Allied Health Professionals. We therefore, expect this to continue this year for the employment of 

allied health professionals to fill the vacancies in the various health facilities.


5. On the roadmap for Professional development programs by AHPC and MOH, GFAHP demands an urgent need for AHPC and MOH to develop and implement scope of practice, condition of service and other professional development programs for member of Allied Health professionals in the country especially for those who still lack this important requirement for professional development. 

6. On the provision of autonomy for all allied health professions in the various health facilities, GFAHP, demand that government and stakeholders should put in place a road map to 

implement the policy regarding the professional autonomy of all Allied Health Profession in all 

departments and agencies in the various health facilities in the country. We belief this autonomy will address the happening in KATH. Therefore, GFAHP entreat government as a matter of urgency address this challenge to for stall escalation of the current happenings in all the 18 Allied Health Professions in the country.

7. On the passing of the LI for Act 857, which started over 5 years ago, GFAHP appeal to AHPC and for that matter government to as a matter of urgency put in place a workable plan to 

pass the LI for the full implementation of Act 857 to address challenges in the health sector. 

8. On the contribution of Allied Health Professionals in the covid 19 fight, GFAHP appreciates

the contribution of Allied Health Professionals in the covid 19 fight and acknowledge the efforts 

of all who continue to hold the flame in the fight to defeat COVID-19. However, sadly we lost 

some of our members in this fight, GFAHP will like to take this opportunity to remember those 

who lost their lives in their line of duty. We call on government to ensure the safety of all health 

professionals and support members with PPE since the covid 19 fight is ongoing. We notice with 

concern the issue of unpaid allowances to frontline workers as promised by government. We appeal to government to as a matter of urgency ensure that all Allied Health Professionals are paid 

what is due them.

Truth stand, Long live GFAHP, Long live Ghana 

Thank you.


Council of Presidents: 

Dr Shiraz Issahaku

Chairperson – GSMP/GFAHP 

Dr Paul Amankonah

Vice-President GPA/GFAHP

David Naboare


Dr Abu Abudu-Rahamani


Dr. Neal Boafo


Prince Rockson


Dr Kingsley K A Pereko


Atuahene Agyeman Eric


Kwame Arhin Jnr


Asenso Prince Antwi


Ann Sena Fordie


Asare Mark Listowel


Douglas Avoka


Dr. Remi Ninkpe 


Fuseini Mavis

GHAPTO- President

Paul Nutsugah Jnr


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