Story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

Evidence And Effectiveness Grant's For Mental Health And Disability Inclusion Launch Was Held on 29th April 2021.At Tomreik Hotel, Lagos avenue, Accra Ghana. 

"The UK has a strong track record  on leaving no one behind and is a global leader on disability inclusion and mental health. Susan Mensa, (FCDO),foreign Commonwealth Development Office,said.

The foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) firmly believe that the inclusion of people with disabilities is key to leaving no one behind and that will not eradicate poverty, deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or implement the UN convention on the rights of person with disabilities (UN CRPD) without including people with disabilities at the center of our work and this means ensuring their health and socio-economic wellbeing are prioritised  during Covid 19 pandemic".

The Ghana Somubi  Dwumadie initiative, situated within the larger leave no one behind (LNOB) programmes, has been designed and developed to specifically ensure that all people with disabilities and mental health conditions in Ghana are engaged, empowered  and able to enjoy improved well-being, social and economic outcomes and right".said by Susan Mensah .

"The innovative and groundbreaking programme is run by a consortium of partners,lead by options,who bring together a wide of skill and experience.

Following the round of grant's awarded to 7 CSOs to provide COVID psychosocial support for vulnerable grounds, a new grant's has launched to provide grantees with funding to support person's with disabilities including metal disabilities to participate meaningfully I. Their communities and have agency and voice in decision making processes. 

The 9 successful guarantees will help to remove barriers for the persons with disabilities which will improve the well being and our social and economic outcomes and right through evidence base approaches and to reduce stigma."

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