I denied my tribe identity to escape further beatings- CITIFM’S Caleb Kudah recounts unlawful treatment with National Security capos

Raymond Karvi 

CitiFM/TV Journalist Caleb Kudah says he was unilaterally compelled by the only option to deny his tribe  Ewe identity to escape further beatings from the National Security personnel after he was arrested and subjected to severe treatment at their custody.

Caleb was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for filming the premises of the National Security. Upon further checks, it was established he has sent those videos and pictures to his colleague at the office. In an attempt to get that information deleted, the personnel stormed CitiFM premises in a Rambo-style to effect the arrest, which has caused a stir on social media, got sympathisers talking coupled with all-round condemnation from well-meaning Ghanaians

In narrating his ordeal on Point of View on CitiTV at the hands of the National Security officers, he says "he was beaten merciless by these personnel. In the midst of the beatings one identified him as Ewe, but sensing the danger from the tone and urgent need to calm tempers, he said Cape Coast and they became a bit accommodating.

“in the midst of the beatings, one of the personals said I am Ewe, but sensing from the tone in which he said that, I denied been an Ewe and said I’m from Cape coast, and one of the said oh Cape Coast don’t do that”.

“I denied my tribe for the fear that, the beatings could even be more”

Meanwhile, the management of CitiTv/FM says the case is certainly over, they will follow it through to its logical conclusion to seek justice for their workers, and to get the unprofessional personals punished".

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