Japekrom Chiefs reject Dr. Bawumia's names allegedly proposed for street naming, sacked LUPSA Staff, threaten to remove foreign name tags

By Jerry Akornor 

The Chiefs of Japekrom in the Jaman South Municipality of Bono Region of Ghana have rejected the proposed names allegedly put forward by office of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for streets on their lands  due to lack of consultation. 

Okatakyie Amoa Aturu Nkonkonkyie II, President, Japekrom Traditional Council

According to the Land Use and Spatial Planning Authority (LUPSA), the names were proposed by the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia's office at the blindside of the chiefs of Japekrom, a serious breach of laid down rules of engagement. 

However, they were exposed when they could not produce any evidence to support their claim that the names were put forward from office of the Vice President Dr. M. Bawumia. 

Proposed names for street naming at Japekrom in Jaman South by Dr. M. Bawumia's Office 

Okatakyie Amoa Aturu Nkonkonkyie II, the President of the Japekrom Traditional Council, further asked why all other street names for the other Traditional areas such us Berekum, Dwenem, Dormaa or Tamale are proposed by the Land owners but in the case of Mpuasu-Japekrom stool lands, it is the Vice President who is not the owner of our lands that has suggested the names for us. He chastised the Municipal Planning officer, the LUPSA representatives and the office of the Vice President for succumbing to political and invincible hooligans and emphasised that he will personally have all the name tags removed if they go ahead and fix them on his lands.

He said, "such names as Timbuktu, Olive, Benneh etc. are not known to the chiefs and people of Traditional area and go to support the assertion that there was no consultation as has been the case in other traditional areas where they, the representatives of LUPSA and planning officers come from.

He emphasised that, though he knows the role of the Municipal Assembly in Jaman South and its outgoing MCE in this ill-intended move, he will want to refer them to the list of names the Traditional Council submitted to them for use as is the case of all other places in Ghana. 

He noted tthat "if their real motives is not to creat disturbances in the locality, he sees no reason why they cannot use the names submitted by the Traditional Council when there is no dispute over the ownership of the lands in the Japekrom, Kwasiboukrom, New Drobo areas and beyond.

He further stated that, if they don't know the owners of the lands in the aforementioned areas, they should consult the Supreme Court ruling on the land litigation of the area that was settled in 2015.

He informed the visiting officers that he is writing to the Vice President and the Bono Regional Minister for explanation as to why he as the Alodial land owner was not consulted before such alien names were directed at him, saying it is a mark of disrespect to the Chiefs and People of the traditional area since same cannot be done to their various elders.

The peace loving ruler Okatakyie Amoa Aturu Nkonkonkyie II, President, Japekrom Traditional Council who believes the matter is not broken beyond repairs, is of the view that naming Japekrom streets with foreign names without consultation and their knowledge amounts to breach of standard procedure and blatant disregard for the Japekrom Traditional Council. He wants stakeholders to immediately go back to the drawing board and follow the laid down procedures when it comes street naming in traditional areas in Ghana.

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