Let's collectively fight against Malaria in Ghana- ECOBANK Chif Finance Officer

By Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

The need to collectively fight against Malaria in Ghana By Ghana Health Service at World Malaria Day press briefing ,With The Theme,"Zero Malaria - Draw The Line Against Malaria" was held on Wednesday, 26th April  2021,at Ecobank Head Office Auditorium, Ridge, Accra Ghana.

The Chief Finance Officer of Ecobank Ghana, Dr. Edward Botchway said "he was so delighted  partnering this course of fighting against malaria,that ecobank is keen on impacting positively on the health of people living in the communities as it leads the fight toward the elimination of this endemic desease.

World malaria Day, afford us opportunity to evaluate our progress and strengthen our resolve in the fight against  a desease that remain the highest  cause of morbidity in Ghana and the Economic impact of malaria is estimated to cost Africa USD 12 billion every year. This figure factors costs of health care, absenteeism, days lost in education, decreased productivity due to brain damage from cerebral malaria, and loss of investment and tourism. Malaria in Ghana is predicted to cost $961 million between 2020 and 2029.compared to the baseline elimination  is estimated to prevent 85.5 million cases, save 4,468 lives, and avert USD 2.2 billion in health  system expenditure".

Dr Edward said, "Eliminating malaria  will increase prosperity across Africa over the long time, fostering a healthier workforce, spurning growth and reducing the cost burden associated with malaria.The efforts to eliminate malaria with the initiative of mobilizing the private sector to support. 

Working with African union and the RBM partnership to end malaria, launched the pan African "zero malaria starts with me" movement across the continent in 2018.This was adopted by 55 Heads of African governments,and 19 countries have since launched the campaign on a national scale, igniting grassroots movements that seek to engage individuals,families, communities,religious,business and political leaders and other members of civil society to make full ownership of the fight to end malaria in Ghana.

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