By Azaglo Michael 

 Negative impacts of COVID -19 about women and girls - Head of cooperation, high commission of Canada to Ghana,Ms.Corey Huntington in her statement during the launch of the yenkasa contact center on the 27th May 2021.At Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana head office, laterbiokorshie Accra Ghana. 

According to Ms.Corey Huntington,said,"Canada believes that access to information and  services related to sexual and reproductive  health and rights, or SRHR,  is critical to advancing  gender equality and the empowerment of women and adolescent girls.Lack of attention to SRHR contributes directly to maternal mortality, poor health and the disenfranchisement of women and girls".

Ms.Corey established that the global community quickly recognized that the pandemic was having a particularly negative impact on women and girls. Across every sphere - economic, social, you name it-the impacts of COVID -19 have been exacerbated for women and girls from all works of life, simply because of their gender and these negative  impacts of the COVID -19 pandemic have also meant that young people are less able to access quality SRHR services and information - exactly what the Yenkasa Contact Center will work to provide.

 Head of Cooperation,High Commission of Canada to Ghana,Ms..Corey Huntington in her conclusion at the Yenkasa launch,said,"making progress in addressing gender inequalities- and ensuring that Ghanaian youth are able to learn and make decisions about their bodies and their futures - will help us all in achieving the ambitious targets set out for us through the Sustainable Development Goals which can possibly achieve this in the next ten years .Canada's Feminist International Assistance policy is committed to support to the full range of sexual and reproductive health services and information. 

Speaking at the launch of Yenkasa Contact Center was the President of PPAG,Mrs.Wilhelmina Aklaku.Said,"we know that a critical mass of well informed of young people is a source of hope and wealth for the future of Ghana, therefore focusing on investment that makes it possible  for our youth to thrive in this ever challenging world remains key to our development aspirations".

According to the president of PPAG, Mrs. Wilhelmina Aklaku,said,"for the past 54years of their existence, PPAG has committed to seeking the reproductive health well - being of every man, woman and young persons to make informed sexual and reproductive health decisions. 54 years on,we are even more poised to continue in our leadership path to advance the country's process,policy and financing mechanisms that will continue to propel progressive population management for the economic transformation of Ghana".

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