By Azaglo Michael 

"No Room for Gboko Aram Entity in Ghana" by NCCE, at  constitution week Celebrations which held at Ghana prison head office, cantonment on Wed. 17th May 2021.Accra Ghana 

According to Deputy Chairman, operations NCCE, Samuel Asare Akuamoah at the celebration of constitution week with the theme "We are one,Ghana first"

"constitution that 1992 constitution was adopted in a referendum, by the people of Ghana, on 28th. of April, 1992, and this is why we call it the 1992 constitution, even though it came into effect on the seventh of January 1993, We the People of Ghana and tossed it in a referendum on the 28th of April. And we think that this date is so significant in the political history of this country, that it deserves to be celebrated. So, in 2001, the National Commission for civic education instituted that celebration of the week. And since then, we have always celebrated it,Samuel  Asare Akuamoah said. 

"And one of the key segments of the population that we engage are the security agencies, because at the beginning of this constitution some Ghanaians were even skeptical that the Constitution would thrive because the previous was any war any time they were brought to life were overthrown. So,we identified the security agencies as partners who help us to sustain the Constitution which  come with to live on as a living document. And in every year of the celebration. We choose a team to run with. 

"the fact that there are a lot of security threats around us. We may be hearing from them from afar, but they're not too far from us. And so when we hear from neighboring countries. We also need to put our house in order, and be sure that there will be no any such incidences, we'll be able to be up to the task and take care of the nation.

What our mandate is, is to ensure the safe custody and welfare of inmates with a collaboration with other security Organization-CSP,.Courage Atsem. Chief Superintendent Of Prison

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