story by Azaglo Fiakofi Michael 

Gambrongo Karikipa made up of six prominent literate citizens in Accra in collaboration with their counterparts at home, Zorkor Gambrongo in the Bongo District in the Upper East Region made a presentation of the renovated CHPS  Compond for Azeelego Tingane and two delivery beds as part of their support for the community that made them who they are today. 

Speaking onbehalf of the group, Dr Samuel A. Atintono, noted that the group health as a very important and as such made a swift response to request made by the community for the support to renovate the maternity block, OPD, and nurses quarters, and donate the two delivery beds. The chief of Zorkor-Gambrongo with skin Naba Na-amlebezi'ire who is known in private life as Mr. Jacob Atogumgeeya expressed his appreciation for the support and urged the youth to emulate. The nurse in charge of the facility who received the presentation expressed appreciation and said that it would facilitate their work and pledged their commitment to ensure good maintenance of the beds and the facility. She however, said that as Oliver Twist they will be grateful if the Motor King ambulance could be repaired for them to be used for transporting women in labour. 

The representative from Bongo District Health Directorate also expressed appreciation to the group for their kind gesture to the community.

 She noted that the concept of the CHPS Compound is based on the delivery of health to the doorsteps of the community and  required community support and this gesture is in the right direction.


The DCE of Bongo, Peter Ayimbisa who did the official commissioning of renovated and handing over of the delivery beds commended the group for their support and said that it was the first of its kind .

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