By Jerry Akornor

Ghana’s leading unisex fashion brand Vidal Clothen says it is determined to extend services to six continents in two years, aimed at expanding customer-base and reaching international clients who patronize creative fashion works. 

Established in 2013 and located at Nungua-Accra, Ghana within the Krowor municipality (KroMA), the company currently takes fashion orders and supply customers, organisations with over two hundred (200) regular clients in Ghana, Canada, UK, USA and others. 

Madam Abena Delali Vida Kofitio, CEO of Vidal Clothen clad in African wear. 

According to Chief Executive Officer of Vidal Clothen Madam Abena Delali Vida Kofitio, the company is projected to become the global fashion market leader rendering services and supplying its unique products to both local and international clients. 

Speaking to in Accra on 3 May 2021, the over eight-year Unisex Fashion Designer Abena Delali Vida Kofitio said “Vidal Clothen remains the ultimate unisex fashion home, pushing to upgrade to become international topmost brand whilst expanding customer base”.


As part from increasing customer-base, CEO of Vidal Clothen Madam Abena Delali Vida Kofitio’s agenda is anchored on the urgent need to propel the bigger mission and vision of creating employment for the youth who are interested in the acquisition of skills and core competencies within the fashion industry. 

According to her, as the business begins to expand, scale up production and establish a bedrock for itself across the globe, the brand will whip up the interest of many apprentices to complement government’s efforts to reduce unemployment, an old-aged canker particularly in the under-developed countries. 

With Ghana hard-hit with the covid-19 pandemic coupled with devastating impact to business and national economy, Vidal Clothen Ceo Madam Abena Delali Vida Kofitio has revealed a house-to-house, company-to-company, family-to-family, weddings-to-weddings, parties-to-parties taking of fashion orders and deliveries are crucial to scale up production and productivity. She wants fashion industry players to turn challenges in the Covid-19 era to opportunities to expand their businesses.

Meanwhile, Ceo of Vidal Clothen Madam Abena Delali Vida Kofitio has urged government to immediately reduce import duty on imported textiles, offer credit facilities to indigenous fashion designers, awards government contracts to local designers and partner local fashion industry players to improve their services.

According to her, the phenomenon where successive government award fashion related contracts to already developed foreign companies and multinationals at the expense of the local fashion designers is a misplaced priority.  

“If government grant local fashion designers loans, partner them, give contracts to local designers and reduce import duty of imported textiles, it will help because traders sell the materials based on the high import duty. Don’t award contracts to only the 'bigmen' but rather help upcoming ones”.


Vidal Clothen is also expected to add other services such as supply of indigenous Fugu Of Northern origin and Ashanti Kentey clothes in its unwavering agenda to  enhance the alternatives of customers. 

Known as the ultimate unisex fashion home, Vidal Clothen is expected to grow to become the topmost unisex fashion brand world-wide.

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