Gborbu Wulome Shitse Palace grants NO.1 FM's Evangelist Adu Asare 1 Week to present outstanding fines

By Jerry Akornor 

NO.1 FM's Evangelist Prince Adu Asare has been granted additional one week by the Overlord of the Gadamgme State to present fines including cows, cash and other cleansing items to Gborbu Wulome Shitse Palace for purification of the Gadamgme land in tandem with their tradition.

This was when Evangelist Prince Adu Asare presented part payment of the fines in cash but was directed to present the total amount, cows and other items to the palace in accordance with the demands of Gborbu Wulomo Shitse Palace next week.

The Overlord of Gadangme State Gborbu Wulomo Shitse's Palace fined  No.1FM's Evangelist Prince Adu GHC 100,000, 5 cows plus cleansing items over derogatory remarks he made against the people of Teshie-Nungua and the Gadangme State.

Evangelist Prince Adu who had eaten the humble pie on his knees before the Overlord of Gadangme State Gborbu Wulomo Shitse, and people of Teshie-Nungua promising to sin no more upon his appearance at the palace amid mitigation plea could not escape the prescribed punishment and was directed to purify the land.

The Overlord of Gadagme State Gborbu  Wulomo Shitse on 11 May 2021 summoned Producer of "Adom Mmere" Show on No.1FM, his Guest Evangelist Prince Adu, his assistant Kwame and Social Media Personnel Kofi Bright to appear before him to establish the fact behind their witchcraft proclamation about Teshie and Nungua Communities.

According Gborbu Wulomo Shitse, Evangelist Prince Adu with the help of his assistant and two others proclaimed that the Teshie and Nungua Towns are plagued with witchcraft and wizards insisting that the deity : Ogbee Sango in the Sango Lagoon is responsible for illness, misfortunes to anybody who cross it. Evangelist Adu also added that no business can flourish on Nungua soil because the founders of the area are witches and wizards.

But, appearing before the Gborbu Wulomo Shitse Palace, Evangelist Prince Adu said "I'm sorry for what we did, I'm sorry and I'm here to apologize to the council and the people of Teshie and Nungua".

Evangelist Prince Adu who agreed that he peddled untruth about the Teshie-Nungua communities and the entire Gadangme State also said "I'm apologizing for tarnishing the image of the people of Teshie and Nungua communities. I will also repeat my apology to Teshie- Nungua on No.1FM".

Below are fines and items No.1 FM's Evangelist Prince Adu is supposed to provide for the cleansing on the orders of the Gborbu Wulomo Shitse Palace in two weeks : 

Speaking upon the second appearance of Evangelist Prince Adu Asare and the Management of No1 FM at the Gborbu Wulomo's Palace on Thursday 3 June, 2021, the Presenter cum Preacher Evangelist  Adu Asare through a representative, presented some cash as part payment of the fines during which he was granted one week to submit the outstanding fines including purification items. 

Overlord of Gadangme State Gborbu Wulomo Shitse speaking through Nungua Nkpor Mantse Nii Borteyfio Bortekwei Afedi -Nsro I revealed that  such matters requires appropriate urgent purification to sustain peace.

Nungua Nkpor Mantse Nii Borteyfio Bortekwei Afedi -Nsro I told Ghana News Desk's Jerry Akornor that "Numo Gborbu wants everyone to know that he gives life and for that matter, he is not taking anybody's life. It has come to our notice that the very people who are involved in this are facing some health challenges based on the circumstances they were taken through. Few of the things that they are supposed to present, they presented cash,  we don't want cash, we need them to be present here and whatever prayers, whatever needs to be done for them will be taken care of. We are here to give life and not to take life, therefore we'll wait at the appropriate time, we'll do the needful".

Evangelist Prince Adu Asare is expected to reappear before the Gborbu Wulomo Palace next week in fulfilment of the fines he was asked to pay on the orders of the Overlord of the Gadamgme State over derogatory remarks he made against the people of Teshie-Nungua.

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