Today 5th June 2021, Green Diversity Foundation (GDF) with Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and TULLOW LTD. celebrate the World Environmental Day at Lakeside Adenta 

Speaking at the program, Ms Sally Biney, Executive Director of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said today marks the celebration of World Environmental Day under the global theme Ecosystem Restoration and a local theme Growing Trees, Greening Cities. All this theme is very appreciate at a time that land or degradation has become a challenge in the country. 

She add again to say with Green Ghana Initiative by Ministry of lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) which is targeted at planting five millions trees nationwide on the 11th of June 2021.

Tree planting facilities protection of all forms of ecosystems which includes Lake Kalmoni.

 As an Agency, we are elated to partner Green Diversity Foundation (GDF) in this Global Exercise geared towards restoration of ecosystems, particularly the buffer zone and the water quality of Lake Kalmoni by planting trees. This aligns with the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency to co-manage, protect and enhance the nation's environment in particular, as well as seek common solutions to global environmental problems.


As citizens of this country, it's important for us to play our role in

 Environmental Protection as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana which mandates us to protect the environment under Article 41k. This section clearly states that "it is the duty of every citizen to protect and safeguard the environment." The environment is the source of our lives. It directs our life and

 determines our growth and development. The quality of our life depends on the quality of our natural environment. This therefore implies that any negative disturbance to the environment could be detrimental to our lives.

She concluded by encouraging everyone to promote this agenda in our homes , schools, churches and communities knowing that

 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS, TREES ARE FOR LIFE AND DEVELOPMENT MUST TAKE PLACE IN A SUSTAINABLE MANNER. We wish to congratulate Green Diversity Foundation for the work they are doing and for the initiative to restore Lake Kalmoni by planting trees within its buffer to prevent encroachment and siltation through storm water run-off.

We encourage GDF to ensure that the trees to be planted are nurtured to achieve the aims and objectives of today's program

 EPA is in full support of this tree planting exercise aimed at restoring an ecosystem. We therefore join hands with all to make today a memorable one. God bless our homeland Ghana and ensure the sustenance of the ecosystem.

Mr John Pwamang , add his voice and said am grateful and glad to be here with you all to celebrate this wonderful World Environmental Day 2021, which is ECOSYSTEMS RESTORATION, and in Ghana our theme for this year’s celebration is Growing Trees , Greening Cities.

Now they say we shouldn’t say Planting Trees but rather we should say Growing Tress and this is a good exercise for everyone to take part 

I want to use this opportunity to thank EPA and Tullow Ghana for partnering us and also Lakeside Estate for supporting this program and we know partners is one of the goals in the SDGs and this kind of partnership is very good.

We are here today because we are concerned about the environment and we all agree that the environment is under stress, Trees are being cut to do all kinds of activities 

I will like to end by saying let’s plant more then we remove and by doing that our environment will become heath again 

Mr David Blackmore, Tullow Operations Manager also said like what Mr John Pawmang said earlier some of the trees has been lost so it our responsibility to replace them.

So we are here today to plants trees and by doing so we are going to leave with a legacy down here for the young ones and the people of Ghana to follow.

And I believe within some few years that we will return here again we will be proud and say I plant this trees , and I thank u all for joining this great exercise.

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