Revoke GES District Director's power of approval- Valco Trust to Education Ministry


By Jerry Akornor 

Valco Trust Fund has urged Ministry of Education to immediately revoke  power of approval granted to Ghana Education Service District Directors to formally give green light for commencement of schools within their area of authority to intensify agenda to eliminate all deplorable and schools under trees.

According to the trust,  the phenomenon where such GES District Directors are granted autonomy to endorse the establishment of schools will be a serious setback to the agenda to eliminate some 5,403 schools under trees and dilapidated structures in the country. 
.Speaking at a press conference to launch a project to eliminate schools under trees on Tuesday 1 June 2021 in Accra, Acting Executive Director Kevin Kwaku Yeboah insists that "We asked Ministry of Education to as a matter of urgency take away approving powers of District Directors so as we eliminate these schools under trees in the country, new schools under trees will not be coming in future". 

Meanwhile, Mr.  Yeboah has also called on Ministry of Education to employ estate officers at every Education Directorate to be in-charge of maintenance of schools' infrastructure.

"To prevent schools from being in a very deplorable state going forward, we requested the Ministry of Education as a matter of urgency to employ estate officers for each District Directorate of Education who will oversee the maintenance of the school infrastructure. Allocate budget for maintenance of the schools' infrastructure under the GETFUND". 

Valco Trust Fund is demanding a strong leadership, commitment of Education Ministry to stamp its authority on burning issues to compliment efforts to eliminate schools under trees.

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