On the 3rd of April,2021 during the Gonjaland Youth Association Congress in Bole, Dr Mahamoud Bawumia reiterated a promise by the NPP government to the chiefs and people of Gonjaland to construct the Daboya Bridge across the white Volta. He indicated that work on the bridge will commence either in June or July 2021.

This message was received with mixed feelings. Whereas the people of Daboya were happy, others were sceptical about the promise.

From June 2021, I took it upon myself to issue daily reminders to His Excellency Dr Mahamoud Bawumia in order not to add the Daboya bridge to the heaps of his failed promises, which has the potential of destroying his political future. Unfortunately, June ended without any action on the ground. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and continued with the reminders in July. This did not go down well with his boys and party footsoldiers. 

On the 23rd of July, the deputy minister of Roads and Highways, Hon Jalulah and the DCE of North Gonja District, Hon. Adam Eliasu Red Bawa, has arranged a seized galamsey equipment to Daboya to deceive the people. Hon Red Bawa saw this as an opportunity to boost his chances of reappointment for the DCE position,  this is the claim of some of his opponents in the DCEship contest. He quickly arranged the media together with Hon. Jalulah and announced that work on the Daboya bridge had commenced. Many unsuspecting media houses widely carried the story.

When the story broke, the residents of Daboya started asking many questions, how could an old galamsey machine be able to construct a 300m long bridge with only 4 workers? What is the name of the contractor? where is the signboard which is mandatory for all contractors to erect before the commencement of work?; is this one of their lies?. Because there was a similar machine that came three years  ago to dig along the river banks and vanished afterwards and so many mind-boggling questions.

After about four days of doing zero works with the machine and rather using indigenes to dig along the river banks, the machine later vanished from the site. As I write this piece, there is no work going on about the construction of the Daboya Bridge, unless the bridge is being built in Jupiter. 

The people of Daboya are very angry with this development and vowed never to trust the words of Dr Mahamoud Bawumia. Some see it as disrespect to the overlord, His Royal Highness, Yagbonwura, Chiefs and people of Gonjaland.

It will interest you to know that the NPP government and Dr Mahamoud Bawumia have heaps of unfulfilled promises hanging on their necks in the North Gonja District.

Find below a few of them:

1. 1D1F zero

2. 1V1D zero 

3. 1D1W zero

4. $1m per constituency every year zero.

5.Villages have no toilet facilities; open defecation.

6.The Daboya Bawena road zero

7.Hanga zone electrification zero

8.Kuporto Electrification, zero

9.The District Hospital, zero

10. The Daboya bridge, zero      11.Kabangdong water project, zero

12. The Daboya Community Center, zero and many more.

The government is still struggling to complete projects that were started by John Mahama in the District, including the Daboya mankarigu road, Daboya Busunu road, Guo electrification project.

 Donkonpe, wawato and Gurubagu electrification, etc.

With all these unfulfilled promises in the District and many national ones as well, many people are asking whether or not Dr Mahamoud Bawumia is a credible politician. Hardly does a day passed by without the unfulfilled promises of Dr Bawumia being mentioned. What can we learn from him as young people? Many Ghanaians associate the name Bawumia with lies and unfulfilled promises. This is not good for a person aspiring to lead this country one day.

I will also urge all Ghanaians to take on politicians who lead with lies and think that they can make promises and go to sleep. Nobody was holding an axe on Dr Bawumia's head to push him to mention June and July for work to commence on the Daboya Bridge. Even if the contractor moves to the site today, Dr Bawumia has failed to meet his June/July deadline.

There is no way the people of Daboya and many Ghanaians will ever trust Dr Bawumia.

Find attached the tape of Dr Bawumia and the picture of the seized Galamsey Equipment.

By Citizen Seidu Nurudeen.


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