Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo, NDC Bono Regional Youth Organiser 

By Jerry Akornor 



Dear Nana Akuffo-Addo,


Though you are not welcome to the Bono Region, you have decided to, as usual, force your way into the region with your unproductive courtesy calls. I read through your itinerary and from day one to the last day are all visit to our Chiefs palaces without visiting a single project site initiated by you because all the places you rushed to cut sod years ago have turned into virgin Forest. 

Mr President, I would like to humbly ask, don't you feel ashamed anytime you add Bono Region to the Regions you want to visit? I think you do but like an oldman who has farted in public, you gently hold your breath for the period the smell is dancing in the air and fake a smile to those staring. 

Mr. President, since 2017 you have constantly visited the region without even commissioning a CHPs compound.  The only activity you keep entertaining yourself with  is paying courtesy calls on our Chiefs. Nana, do you think your courtesy call will automatically construct the Odumase Road that has taken lots of youthful lives? 

*Mr. President, Bono Chiefs do not need empty courtesy calls but development just like people of your Region.*

Mr. President, your Region, Eastern Region is enjoying massive developmental changes. The roads in Eastern Region are being constructed and those that were constructed years ago are being renovated. Let's take your village Kyebi for instance, they are enjoying free wifi, enjoying water at no cost at all to them but to us, you have empowered your Chiefs with everything they need. The good people of Bono Region deserve same Mr. President.

Mr. President, are you aware that the dubar that was held when you came to the Region last year was at someone's factory? Oh no Sir, you were deceived, that factory is not part of your infamous 1 district 1 factory. Ooops!!! I guess I have burst a big bubble. 

Mr. President we the Youth are fed-up with your empty and unproductive visit to our region that continues to drain our resources. How could you budget 11billion just for a two day visit to the Region? 

We want to see changes. The Youth want to be employed in the factories you promised since the days of your friend Nebuchadnezzar. The traditional leaders and good people of Bono Region want more than just a visit and promises - the campaigns are over Mr. President, WE WANT Action!!! We want to see transformation in the lives of our people. Our roads need to be fixed. They need more hospitals, they need schools, Our children need more than just admission to schools - they need quality education.

 Mr. President, the people of Bono Region are not asking for luxuries - we are asking for the basic necessities of life. Are we even asking - we are pleading for it. Enough of the sod-cutting. Too many projects have been initiated without following through with it. Before you perform any sod-cutting ceremony, please commission the projects you have already started.

The God in whose name you are taking 100cedis from the unemployed Youth to build a Hundred million dollar cathedral is an Author and Finisher, I hope you exercise this attribute of God in all your projects and complete them. 

 The God in whose name you are building a million dollar cathedral is the God of the widow and the orphan - he never forgets the broken and afflicted.

 How could you forget those you killed as a Commander in Chief during the election period in Techiman on your visit to that region? That is a sign of a wickid and a selfish father who doesn't care about his children. 

Mr. President you are a complete failure when it comes to the Bono Region and once again enough of the unproductive visit to the Region that cannot boast of a single project in your five years as President. 

Yours in a Region without a Single Project from you,

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo

Bono Regional Youth Organizer, NDC. 

(A Citizen not a spectator)

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