For Immediate release. 15/09/2021 THE NDC COMMUNICATION BUREAU. DABOYA/MANKARIGU CONSTITUENCY. *THE MP FOR DABOYA MANKARIGU CONSTITUENCY, HON. ALHAJI MAHAMA ASEI SEINI ABANDONS HIS CONSTITUENTS AS THEY "WALLOW" IN FLOODWATERS.* The torrential rains this year, have caused a serious flooding situation and havoc in the Daboya/ mankarigu constituency. Many communities in the District/constituency have been cut off from the District capital, Daboya. Not only that; thousands of farmlands and crops have also been destroyed as well, and thereby worsening the already bad economic conditions of the people. It is very pathetic to note that, it now cost between ghc50.00 to ghc60.00 to travel from Daboya to Tamale, which used to be only ghc15.00. Many high profile personalities have visited the area to empathise with the people. To the surprise of many, the MP for the area, Hon. Alhaji Mahama Asei, who doubles as the deputy health minister has failed to visit the constituency during the period of the crisis. No one would have thought that the Hon. Alhaji Mahama Asei would abandon his constituents in these difficult times.The people of the Daboya/ Mankarigu constituency are highly disappointed in Hon. Alhaji Mahama Asei. Infact, this flood situation got ordinary citizens both in the District and beyond extremely worried, but unfortunately, the MP is never perturbed about this terrible situation that his people found themselves. We have been wallowing in floodwaters for several weeks, without the MP making any frantic efforts to either visit or facilitate the support of relief items to the affected individuals. Not even when Daboya was cut off and a kia truck got stuck in the middle of the flood, which became news all over the world, could bring the MP to the constituency. It only took the death and burial ceremony of Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia's mother, for the MP Hon. Alhaji Asei Mahama to pass by to assess the situation.This development coming from the representation of the people in parliament is most unfortunate.We are highly disappointed in the attitude of an MP who claimed to have the people at heart.We Mostly see the best of leaders during crisis, but we are seeing the worse of our leader, Hon. Alhaji Asei Mahama in this critical point of our lives. The havoc that these floods have caused can not be quantified. Our people are in grief and demand the following from the Hon. MP, Alhaji Mahama Asei; We demand and expect that our Hon. MP would as a matter of urgency visit the constituency and the affected areas on time in this difficult moment. We also call on our Hon. MP, Hon. Alhaji Asei to take immediate steps to arrange emergency medical services for areas that have been cut off to support pregnant women and children for their health needs during this difficult moment. We are also urging and calling our Hon. MP to liaise with NADMO to urgently get the military to take over the crossing of people across the river to serve as a temporal means of crossing the river during this period. As citizens we are calling on our Hon. MP to take urgent steps to get emergency medical suppliers such as an anti-snake vaccines, malaria drugs and treatment for Cholera as such health situations are associated with the floods. We are also calling on the Hon. MP to arrange some relief items for the affected victims. Again, we are calling on the Hon. MP to liaise with the engineering Regiment of the Ghana Army to temporally create access routes to areas that have been cut off. Even if the flood situation in Daboya and it's surrounding communities is beyond your capability as an MP, we expect you as our representative in Parliament to make our voices heard by bringing the road minister to Parliament to interrogate him to tell us the state of the Daboya bridge or send an urgent message to the sector minister to come and continue works on the Daboya-Busunu road which the NPP government has abandoned since 2017. We are also calling and urging the Hon. MP to follow up with Dr. Bawumia to construct the Daboya bridge as his June/July 2021 timeline has passed without any contractor on site. In as much we are demanding urgent response from our Hon. MP with regards to the current situation at hand, we are also taking into taking a further step to keenly monitor your performance in parliament and will soon make a statement to that effect. It has been eight months, and you haven't made any contribution or statement in parliament. This is contrary to the good works that your predecessor, Hon. Lawyer Mahama Shaibu Obei did whilst in the house. He raised the flag of the Daboya/Mankarigu constituency very high and you will be doing us a great disservice if you bring this standard low or down. Hon MP, your people need you more than ever before; they were there for you during the elections, they equally expect you most to be there for them during this period of flood and beyond. Signed: Abdullai Sulemana Communication Officer. Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency. Cont: 0549372006

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