GFA: Valued Ladies Seek Maximum Support To Qualify To The Women's Premiere League


valued ladies

Valued Ladies, known for their slogan as "One Spirit", has been in all trends following their unique efforts in getting to the finals of the Regional Women's Zonal Championship.

They were selected to represent the Eastern Region in this competition after they emerged winners at the Eastern Region Women Division One League. Valued Ladies have beat all odds to get their wins following a good match with their opponents.

They were set to compete with five strong women's football clubs including Army Ladies, Anlo Ladies, Faith Ladies, Basake Royals, and Essiam Socrates. So far in the game, Valued Ladies have won three of the already four played matches and have been placed in the second position.

Valued Ladies

Per the recorded scores and points by GFA, Valued Ladies are to compete with Essiam Soccrates in their last match to qualify to the Women's Premier League. Hene, a win or draw is expected of them to book the qualification ticket to the next level.

There has been an "Operation Help Valued Girls To Qualify At All Cost" Agenda set in the media houses and on the internet, to help push these skillful and talented female footballers to the top. So far in all the football records, this is the first time Eastern Region has gotten a slot in the Zonal Championship to fight their way through to the next level.

It has not been an easy journey for these girls considering all the allegations and untrue cases raised against them just to them out of their successful path. However, they have been able to give off their best shot to get to the final stage of the Zonal Championship.

Due to this. they call on all the great personalities, the natives, Ministers and Members of Parliaments in the Eastern Region, and other organizations to back Valued Girls with the needed physical, social and financial support to help them Qualify to the Women's Premier League.

The finals of the Zonal Championship would be held at La McDan AstroTurf at Labadi, starting at exactly 3pm.

Check the tabulated results below:


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