We want a new Sports Stadium, not renovation of Coronation Park - Sunyani Traditional Council The Sunyani Traditional Council has registered their displeasure over the news circulating that the Government is planning to renovate Sunyani Coronation Park. In a media briefing held today at the Boahen Korkor Ahenfie, the Kontihene of Sunyani Nana Bofotia Boamponsem addressed the media, National Sports Authority and Representatives of the Bono regional minister on behalf of the Sunyanimanhene Nana Bosoma Asronkrawiri. "We have heard that the government is planning to renovate the Sunyani Coronation park, the traditional Council would like to inform the president that we don't won't accept that. We demand a new Sports Stadium in Sunyani" "Sometime ago Nana Bosoma gave the government a very large area of land for the construction of a new stadium which can build about Thirty Thousand stadium capacity" Nana Bofotia Boamponsem stated the reasons why renovation of Coronation Park will not help. "Sunyani Coronation park is in the center of the town which has made the area congested. Again renovation will take about a year or two which will not help sporting activities in the municipality. Our teams completing in the various divisions will have to travel outside to play their home matches" Nananom are claiming that building a new stadium in Sunyani in addition to the old coronation park can help in developing the city. They claim that a new stadium should be built at a different place as it has happened to other places, there was Kaladan Park but a new Sports Stadium was built for Tamale, Esipong, Cape Coast and the rest" The Brong Ahafo Regional Sports Authority denied knowing anything about the decision to renovate the Sunyani Coronation park instead of a new stadium.

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