African Business Centre for Developing Education in collaboration with Graphic Communication group, launch of the Ghana directory of scholarships and financial assistance. This is to help the youth who are working hand in their academic works. DR. Spio Gabrah the board chairman of African Business centre for developing Education. (ABCDE) in his statement nail on how difficult it is when it comes financial of supporting a group of people to achieve their goals, however you as a student find yourself in this category as ABCDE it's also important to help you get access by receiving our scholarships to U.K or America or any part of the world to go and study.
He said, as releasing it to you is to help you achieve your dreams in coming 2022 and beyond. Collaborating with other institutions like Central University college , Pentecost University college and other universities as well. They also partners with VIVO Goil Energy energy and other supportive partners that can help financially to make sure that this scholarships initiatives come to reality he added. Finally he has edge each and every institution to allow their ward to participate in ABCDE scholarships Initiatives and also all stakeholders to support each and every time you been called. Story by Ohene Alidjah Edward.

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