The International Youth Fellowship (IYF)founder has launched a project called clean heart, clean accra using the mindset education concept as a tool to reform from bad attitude towards good sanitation. Reverend Dr Ock Soo Park, the Founder and Chief Advisor of the IYF, said the mindset education concept focused on character reformation, heart education, emotional intelligence and control through strong Biblical education on good Christian beliefs. Through the concept, people will be taught how to think deeply to enable them to develop solutions to resolve most of the challenges facing Ghana and Africa, especially on sanitation. “It is not the economy that makes a country develop but the mindset of the people and we are committed to this,” he said.
Dr Park said, could come about when it occurred within a person, adding that true reflection of cleanliness in the life of a person or a society could only be sustainable when the essence of ensuring and maintaining the state of cleanliness was well-grounded in the heart, mind and soul of an individual or society. He said about 30 countries had requested for the establishment and adoption of the mind education, stressing that it would change the negative narrative on sanitation in Ghana.
Most of the challenges that confronted people and their societies were mindset related, he said, and that the many unsuccessful efforts by governments to clean Ghana, especially Accra, was due to bad mindsets of the populace. Ghana needed more than a call to action to clean the environment and deliberate as well as consistent mindset transformation was needed to make the agenda of clean environment become not just a thought, but an attitude and a way of life, on daily basis, he said. Dr Park, also the Founder of Good News Mission and Christian Leadership Fellowship, said plans were afoot towards the construction of a multi-purpose youth centre at Amasaman to promote the teaching and learning of the Mindset Education. A two-day seminar was also being considered for key stakeholders to deliberate on the need for a national approach and agenda for a “Clean Heart, a Clean Mindset and a Clean Accra,” project, he said.

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